45s M to R

ps: picture sleeve, cb: company bag, wol: writing on label, tol: tear on label, sol: sticker/stain on label noc: original centre missing. stol: Radio/date stamp on label


Magnet - Let Me Stay/Mr Guy Fawkes (CBS UK 69 Demo) cb VG+ 40 NEW!!!
Classy Prog/Psych two-sider.There are some crackles at the start of Let Me Stay as it has a quiet intro.The Highlight is the epic flipside with great guitar and added vocals by Sue & Sunny.Both tracks appeared on the Eire Apparent LP.Comped on Electric Asylum 2,Mixed Up Minds & We Can Fly 4.
Mamas & Papas - California Dreamin'/Somebody Groovy (RCA UK 65) cb EX 15
Hard to Find clean copy of this West Coast Classic.This was not a big hit when first released in the UK.
Mamas & Papas - Shooting Star/No Dough (Probe UK 72) cb M- 12
Non hit in the UK this is a unplayed copy.Amazing Psych 45 with a Funky Breakbeat ending.Comped on The Trip by Saint Etienne.
Mandingo - Medicine Man/Black Rite (EMI UK 73 Demo) P/S VG+/VG+ 20
Geoff Love produces this Heavy Beat Wah Wah Soaked Monster! Comes complete in it's rare Promo Sleeve.Comped on The Sound Gallery.
Baris Manco - Flower Of Love/ Bogazici (Sayan Turk 68) VG 35
Rare stoned eastern psych from Turkish master. A few pops at start, but plays pretty well after that. See and hear on our Youtube page.
Marmalade - I See the Rain/Laughing Man (CBS UK 67) cb VG++ 25
Quality Psych 45 which should have been a huge hit.Comped on Electric Sugarcube Flashbacks,Jon Savage's 1967:The Year Pop Divided & Nuggets II.
Marmalade - Man In A Shop/Cry (The Shoob Doroorie Song) (CBS UK 67) cb EX 30
Superb Pop-Psych Genius With amazing Production.Comped on Real Life Permanent Dreams.
Mathusalem - Raggy Show/ Flying Away (Smoke Bel 71) P/S VG++/EX 45
Brill psych prog pop by Ex-Waterloo members. See and hear on Youtube.
Maynard Ferguson - L-Dopa/Chala Nata (CBS UK 70 Demo) cb EX 35 NEW!!!
Swinging band version of Keith Mansfield's Powerhouse Pop.
MC5 - Kick Out The Jams/ Motor City Is Burning (Elektra UK 69) VG 25
Just totally essential slice of maximum rock and roll devastation. Has some scratches, A side plays EX, B side with some clicks. Name on labels. See and hear on our Youtube channel.
Chris McClure - Hazy people/ I'm just a country boy (Polydor UK 67) EX 12
Mod pop with a sike twist.
David McNeil - Don't Let Your Chance Go By/ Space Plane (President UK 68) demo VG 45 RESERVED!
One of the rarest on the label, copies never show up these days. Nice pop psych A side coupled with otherworldly tripped-out space psych B side. Plays with some noise here and there.
David McNeil - Indigo/ Machine (Philips Bel 68) VG+/VG+ 30 RESERVED!
Another 2 slices of trippy eastern spaced-out psychedelia similar to 'Space Plane', by Brit (?) but only released in Belgium.
Sylvia McNeill - Save Me,Save Me/The Recipe (RCA UK 69) cb TOL EX 12
Great Value Funky/Soul Two-Sided Club Groover.Has a tear on the Recipe side label.
Megaton - Out Of Your Own Little World/Niagara (Deram UK 71) cb EX 35
Funky Rock Two-sider with stunning guitar.Has library gramophone stamps on the centres on both sides of the labels.Comped on Psychedalia.
Mighty Joe Young - Why Don't You Follow Me/By My Side (Parlophone UK 69 Demo) cb EX- 50 RESERVED!
Mighty Joe Young were actually a band who came up with this one-off, two-sided Mod flavoured gem.Comped on Piccadilly Sunshines 1 & 3.
Misunderstood Featuring Glenn Fernando Campbell - You're Tuff Enough/Little Red Rooster (Fontana UK 69) P/S VG+/VG+ 40
This Brilliant 45 seems to get slightly overlooked compared to their first two singles.It still has the trademark slide guitar,but also features Saxophone and a great Funky feel.Comes in it's rare Picture sleeve.
Mogul Thrash - Sleeping In The Kitchen/ St Peter (RCA UK 70) Demo cb VG+ 25
Heavy prog jazz funk and their only 45. Library sticker on company sleeve. See and hear on Youtube.
Mojo Men - Sit Down I Think I Love You/ Don't Leave Me Crying Like Before (Reprise UK 67) cb EX 25
Rare UK press of Nuggets classic coupled with great moody B side. Vinyl is great, labels have writing on. See and hear on our Youtube channel.
Mojo Men - Me About You/ When You're In Love (Reprise UK 67) cb EX 30 NEW!!!
Very rare UK stock copy of sunshine harmony psych pop masterpiece. Top copy.
Money Jungle - Home/Away,Away (President UK 72 Demo) EX 15
One-off 45 which the flipside has a nice violin and acoustic arrangement.Comped on Mixed Up Minds 1.
Mongrels - Funny Day/ Good Good Man (Nico US 68) promo EX 35
Very Brit sounding psych pop B side, coupled with rockier A side by Canadian band.
Monopoly - House Of Lords/ Magic Carpet (Polydor UK 67) cb M- 35 NEW!!!
Majestic pop sike penned by the Bee Gees but not released by them as far as I know. B side is nice harmony pop too. Near immaculate copy and rare in my experience.
Montage - I Shall Call Her Mary/ An Audience With Miss Priscilla Gray (Laurie US 68) promo EX 20
Beautiful baroque pop from ex-Left Banke genius. See and hear on Youtube.
Moody Blues - Boulevard de la Madelaine/ This is my house (Decca UK 66) cb EX 12
The hits had dried up by this point for them, but the B side of this is a great powerful mod beat mover. Small cross on label that's not very noticeable.
David Morgan - True-To-Life/ Dawning (Parlophone UK 68) demo cb VG++ 45 RESERVED!
Rare and majestic baroque pop 2 sider, similar to Give Me Take You era Duncan Browne.
Russell Morris - The Real Thing Parts 1 and 2/ Only A Matter Of Time (Decca UK 69) demo cb VG++ 60 RESERVED!
Outrageous phased psychedelic pop epic with various effects shooting in and out of the mix. Was a hit in Oz, but sold nothing here, so UK copies are very scarce. B side is decent pop too.
Mosaic - Bluebird/Bird Of Time (Parlophone UK 71 Demo) cb EX 30 NEW!!!
One-off double-sider.Glammy overtones on the topside and folky,dreamy flipside.Comped on Electric Asylum 2 & Psychamania.
Mother's Love - Raise The Sails/ Saint Withour Glory (Havoc NL 67) VG++/EX 25
Band who later became The Dream. The B side is their most psych track as Mother's Love, sounding similar to their Doting King classic. See and hear on Youtube.
Mouse And The Traps - L.O.V.E. Love/ Beg Borrow And Steal (President UK 68 Demo) EX 55 NEW!!!
Classic wild garage stomper B side with some occasional eastern musings. A side is decent pop.
Mouse And The Traps - Sometimes You Just Can't Win/ Cryin' Inside (President UK 68) demo EX 15 NEW!!!
Nice 2 sider, with a sweeping baroque pop A side and a tough garage pop B side. Writing on label.
Move - Do Ya/No Time (Harvest UK 74) cb VG+ 15
Jeff Lynne penned Topside which has a great Hard Edged Glam Feel.
Music Machine - Talk Talk/ Come On In (Pye UK 66) cb VG+ 40 NEW!!!
Rare UK press of this next level garage genius 45, an absolute classic and sounding great on this Pye UK pressing. A few marks and a little slight surface noise on B side.
Mustard - Good Time Comin'/I Saw I Heard (EMI UK 74) cb EX- 25
Amazing Two-sided Glam Cruncher! Comped on Electric Asylums 4 & 5 & Killed By Glam 2.
Napoleon Smith - Painting Pictures/ Younger Days Have Gone (Polydoe UK 70) cb VG++ 15 NEW!!!
Blissful crafted baroque pop 2 sider one-off and actually very hard to find as a UK press. See and hear on Youtube.
Johnny Nash - Falling In And Out Of Love/People In Love (MAM UK 71) cb EX 20
Rare One-off release on the MAM label.This is a superb Soul Dancer with great vocals and backing.
Nanette - Every Night When I Cry Myself To Sleep/Jamie (Columbia UK 70) cb EX 20
Obscure Funky Southern Sounding Groover with Fatback Drums & Organ.See and Hear it on our YouTube Channel.
Rick Nelson - String Along/Gypsy Woman (Brunswick UK 63) cb EX 15
Great Swinging Club Sounding Flipside.Superb Vocals and Guitar Solo.
Tony Newman - Soul Thing/Let The Good Times Roll (Decca UK 68) cb VG+ 60 NEW!!!
Dynamic Mod/Soul Hammond version of the Keith Mansfield classic.Comped on The Northern Soul Scene & Return Of The Instro-Hipsters Vol 2.
New York Rock Ensemble - Running Down The Highway/Law And Order (CBS UK 71) cb SOL VG+ 25
High Octane Funky Bongo,Hammond fuelled Dancer.Has some small stickers on the labels.
1984 - Little Girl/Laramee (Decca UK 71) cb EX 25
A touch of 70's sparkle is added to this Kenny Young production of the Syndicate Of Sound's hit.Comped on Electric Asylum 3.
Nite People - Love, Love, Love, Love, Love/Hot Smoke & Sasafrass (Page One UK 69) cb EX- 50 NEW!!!
Great value two-sider which features two Fuzzy Garage covers.Comped on Glimpses 1 & We Can Fly 2.
Lea Nixon - New Kind Of Feeling/Off To Find A New Land (Epic UK 73 Demo) WOL EX 20
Beautiful Baroque one-off 45 which is similar in sound to the Zombies.Has the number 2837 written in biro on both sides of the four pronged centre.Comped on Tea & Symphony.
Oliver Norman - People, people/ You'll find it will come (Polydor UK 68) cb VG 12
Great swinging pop sike with jazzy tempo changes written by Cat Stevens and comped on Fairytales Can Come True Volume 2. Has marks but plays great.
Now - Marcia/ Hands Of My Clock Stand Still (NEMS UK 69) demo VG- 15 RESERVED!
Unusual and hypnotic psych one-off rarity that builds up really nicely and both sides are great. Quite crackly at the start, but improves quite quickly and plays ok for the most part.
John O'Hara - Proud To Be The Man I Am/Rastus Ravel (Spark UK 72 Demo) EX 60 NEW!!!
Soul Tinged Topside and Brilliant Funky Flipside.This seems to be the best version as it contains some amazing Drum breaks.
Ofo The Black Company - Allah Wakbarr/Beautiful Daddy (Decca UK 72) cb VG+ 60
Crazed Voodoo Afro-Funk two-sider.Features over the top Guitar,Organ & Vocals.Both sides comped on Psych Bites 2.
Ray Owen's Moon - Try My Love/Talk To Me (Polydor UK 71) cb VG+ 20
Superb Value Two-sider with Heavy Hendrix Style influence.Comped on Lovin' Fire.
Paladin - Sweet Sweet Music/Get One Together (Bronze UK 72) EX 15
Superb Funky Hammond Instrumental flipside.Comped on One Way Glass.
Chris Parmenter Orchestra - Cul-De-Sac/Donkey Feel (Polydor UK 66) cb SOL VG+ 20
Obscure Instro Double-sider.The Topside sounds like a Spy theme with spacey effects.Has a sticker on both sides of the labels.
Parson-Smith - The Letter/When It Rains (Polydor UK 72) cb VG++ 25
Quality Two-sider with a lovely arrangement of the Boxtop's classic.The flip is also a beautiful song and is a favourite at Happening Towers.Comped on Here Lies Ebeneezer Goode & Psychamania.
Les Payne - I Can't Help To Feel The Love/Very Well (RCA UK 74) cb EX 20
Lovely Fragile performance with a lush string arrangement and great guitar solo.Comped on "Tea & Symphony".
Johnny Pearson and his Orchestra - The Rat Catchers/Weavers Green (Columbia UK 66) cb EX 12
"Say Yes If You Understand Me".Super Cool Swinging Instrumental.
Pebbles - Seven horses in the sky/ The verger (Barclay FR 69) ps VG+/VG+ 25
Big mod dancefloor sound.
Peddlers - Sing Me An Old Song/It's So Easy (Phillips UK 73) cb EX 25
The Rarest of their 45's.Fantastic arrangement with has great changes throughout.Amazing Interplay between the Hammond and Drums.If you like their "Suite London" classic LP you'll love this 45.Comped on Psychamania.
People - Ulla/ Turnin' Me In (Caspitol UK 68) cb EX 25
Dynamite psych rocker B side and scarce as a UK stock copy.
Pepper - We'll Make It Together/(Look Out) I'm On The Way Down (Pye UK 68 Demo) cb VG+ 40 NEW!!!
Obscure one-off 45 which features two Vanda,Young compositions.The Mod/Soul flipside just edges it.See and hear on our Youtube channel.
Petards - Misty Island/ Tartarex (Liberty UK 69) cb VG++ 45
Over the top psychedelic mystical explorations with wild guitar and spooky orchestrations and the only UK release from this German band.See and hear on Youtube.
Wendy Peters - Morning Dew/ I Don't Understand (Saga Opp UK 68) VG++ 15
Scarce one-off and my fave version of Morning Dew. B side is bouncy pop.
Pidgeon Flyers - The Heaven We Shared Together/ Keep On Sayen' (Columbia UK 68) demo cb VG++ 15
Rare flower pop A side sounding very Bee Gees coupled with more upfront mod pop. Few light marks not effecting play. See and hear on Youtube.
Pink Floyd - It Would Be So Nice/ Julia Dream (Columbia UK 68) cb VG- 35 RESERVED!
Their first post-Syd 45 where they try to emulate his genius. While they don't quite manage it, this is a very underrated psych pop 2 sider in my opinion, particularly the trippy B side. Rough looking copy with lots of marks, but plays really well and much better than grade - hear for yourself on Youtube.
Pink Floyd - Point Me At The Sky/ Careful With That Axe, Eugene (Columbia UK 68) cb VG 30 NEW!!!
Here's their next (and final) attempt at a 45 in the 60s and I think the A side is a brilliant space psych adventure. The B side is more ambient/experimental and points to what would come. A side plays great, B side has noise at start which all copies seem to (this is a long track) hence grade. Light marks and centre pushed out.
Pop Workshop - Fairyland/When My Little Girl Is Happy (Page One UK Demo 68) cb EX 40 NEW!!!
Great period Pop-sike double-sider.Comped on Fading Yellow 9 & Piccadilly Sunshine 14.
Pop Workshop - Punch And Judy Man/Love Is A One Way Highway (Page One UK 69) EX- 20 NEW!!!
Nice Breezy Pop-sike two-sider which was their follow up to 'Fairyland'.
Power Pack - Oh! Calcutta/ Soul Searchin' (Polydor UK 70) cb VG++ 20 RESERVED!
Very groovy easy sitar permissive society celebration coupled with sleazy big beat funk jazz beauty. see and hear on Youtube.
Pretty Things - Death Of A Socialite/ Photographer (Star Club Ger 67) p/s VG++/VG++ 20 NEW!!!
Two of the better tracks from their underrated Emotions LP, not released in the UK on 45. Very nice copy.
Pretty Things - Defecting Grey/Mr. Evasion (Columbia UK 67) cb EX 60 RESERVED!
Quite simply one of the greatest psych singles ever produced! Comped on Rubble 2:Pop Sike Pipe Dreams & Rubble 3:Nightmares In Wonderland.
Professor Morrison's Lollipop - Oo-Poo-Pah Susie/ You Take It (London UK 68) demo VG 12 NEW!!!
Great trippy psych pop B side, coupled with bubblegum A side. Has some marks and a little noise. See and hear it on our Youtube channel.
Pure Gold -Fairground/You're Gotta Give It Time (President UK 69) EX- 25 NEW!!!
"Into the fairground and Lose My Mind" Obscure one-off Pop-sike 45.Comped on Sometimes I Wonder.
Putney Bridge – Burning bridges/ Your turn to die (Chapter 1 UK 70) EX 15
Version of Kelly’s Heroes track, with heavy guitar prog pop B side. Nice!
Puzzle - Houla/Do You Feel The Pain (Jam UK 72) cb VG+ 35 NEW!!!
The first release on the Jam label.Two brilliant sides of Glam-garage.There is some superficial marks on the vinyl,but both sides play great.Comped on Electric Asylums 1 & 3.
Pythagoras Theorem - Our House/Free Like Me (Pye UK 70 Demo) cb EX 30 NEW!!!
C.S.N & Y's classic on the topside with Harmony crafted Pop-sike on the Flipside.Comped on Piccadilly Sunshine 3.
Q65 - From Above/I Was Young (Decca NL 66) cb VG 20
Top Freakbeat from Holland's finest.Great controlled feeedback solo with a fierce sound.
Ragamuffin - Can I Have My Money Back/Fresh As A Daisy (Decca UK 72 Demo) EX 20
One-off 45 which has a very catchy flipside with some nice guitar.Comped on Mixed Up Minds 5.
Rainbow Family - Travellin' Lady/My Father (President UK 72) EX 45
Strange Goings on from this popular Freakrock Two-sider.Comped on Electric Asylum 1,Spacegirl and the Starman,Mixed Up Minds 10 & Psychamania.
Rainbow People - The Sailing Song/ Rainbows (Pye UK 68) cb EX 20 NEW!!!
Classy breezy harmony pop 2 sider, just the sunny sounds we need right now. See and hear on Youtube.
Rama - God Created Love/Memory Of Love (Polydor UK 69) cb EX 25 NEW!!!
Strange one-off 45 which was created by the producer/singer Biddu.
Rapunzel - Mornin' Sunrise/ The Riddler (Corn US 73) EX 30 NEW!!!
Nice funky Rock A side, but the B side is a totally wild trippy psych instro dancer. Weird release that appears to have originated from some sort of Massachusetts based aquarian post-hippy cult and was issued with several different catalogue numbers and bootlegged on the Nork label, nearly Corn spelled backwards.
Rattles - You can't have sunshine everyday/ Where is the friend (Decca UK 71) cb EX 15
Rare UK copy of great 2 sider. The A side manages to be super heavy and super catchy at the same time, while the B side is pretty weird and psyched out..
Les Reed Orchestra - Don't Linger With Your Finger On The Trigger/Big Drum (Deram UK 69 Demo) cb VG+ 20
Top Big Band Sound.Heaps of Drums,horns and guitar with touches of the 'girl can't help it'.Appears on the Compilation "On the Brink".
Renaissance - Mary Jane (Get Off The Devil's Merry-Go-Round)/ Daytime Lovers (Polydor UK 67) cb VG++ 25 NEW!!!
Nice psych popper and pretty hard to find UK pressing in my experience.
Rescue Co No 1 - I Stand Alone/You Should'nt Have Been So Nice (Jam UK 72 Demo) M- 25
Great Hip hop style drums kick this unknown Glam Gem off in fine style.Loads of Heavy Guitar and Handclaps make this a must have.
Paul Revere And The Raiders - Don't Take It So Hard/ Observation From Flight 285 (In 3/4 Time) (CBS UK 68) demo cb EX 15 NEW!!!
Great power pop garage A side with wonderful trippy psych pop B side. Slight sticker residue on both labels. Very underrated band who didn't sell well in the UK at the time.
Digby Richards - I'm A Satisfied Man/ Patricia Anthony (Philips UK 70) cb EX 30
Chunky pop rock A side, but the star is the baroque B side, with big beat chorus and imaginative arrangements.
Rich Fever - Everything's Moving/King Of All The Kingdoms (Parlophone UK 70 Demo) cb EX- 35 NEW!!!
Wah Wah Guitar and beautiful arrangement with full on production.Comped on Mixed Up Minds.
Rimington - In the Grip Of The Mullah/Dragon Child (MAM UK 73 Demo) EX 20
This is the superb Phased Instrumental Version of the Rat's 45.
Rita – Erotica/ Sexologie (Major Minor UK 69) M- 20
All time classic pervy permissive funky freak popper.
Rock Rebellion - Let's Go/So Sorry Baby (Santa Ponsa UK 73 Demo) EX 25
Mainly Instro Glam with Handclaps and Terrace Chanting of "Let's Go".Great backing and the Flipside is interesting as well.Comped on Boobs.
Rockmore Williams - It Was Her/I'm A Man (Mooncrest UK 73) EX 30 NEW!!!
Great crunching riff with Feedback guitar.This is the stock copy which comes complete with the bonus Flipside.
Rokes - Let's Live For Today/ Ride On (RCA UK 67) cb VG++ 30 NEW!!!
Best and rowdiest version of a song done by a few bands back then on the A side. The Revolver influenced B side is even better with some creeping psych influences.
Roulettes - Rhyme Boy,Rhyme/Airport People (Fontana UK 67) cb VG+ 25
Typical 67' Pop-sike sound with fantastic harmonies and arrangements.Comped on Piccadilly Sunshine 5.
Rugbys - You,I/Stay With Me (Polydor UK 69) cb EX 30
Tough Sounding Proto-Punk Stooges Type collectable 45.
Rumplestiltskin - Squadron Leader Johnson/Rumplestiltskin (Bell UK 70) cb VG+ 35 NEW!!!
Top session guys produce this Funky KPM Double-sider.Comped on Magpie:20 Junkshop Ads And Themes & New Rubble Vol 2:Speaking My Mind.
Paul & Barry Ryan - Pictures Of Today/Madrigal (MGM UK 68) cb VG 15
Superb Pop-sike Two-sider with sitars and beautiful arrangements.This copy has some marks,but both sides play great.Comped on Fading Yellow 1 & Pop-In Vol Two.
Paul & Barry Ryan - Won't You Join Me/Glad To Know You (Polydor UK 73) cb EX- 30
Classy Production 45 which has some interesting changes.Scarce UK copy.Comped on Killed By Glam.See and hear on our YouTube Channel.