Bargain 45s

Why bargains? Because there are some incredibly good value-for-money 45s here for the eagle eyed vinyl kestrel. Some are just not that sought after.....yet, others simply aren't that rare in the first place, but are still very nice 45s that you could spend a long time looking for.

Almond Marzipan - Marie Take A Chance/I'll Forget you (Trend UK 70) VG 6
Aphrodite's Child - Rain and Tears/ Don't try to catch a river (Mercury UK 68) VG+ 6
Apollo 100 - Mendelssohn 4/Reach for the sky (Youngblood UK 72) cb EX+ 6
Brenda Arnau - Yesterday I heard the rain/Where do you go (until you've been there) (United Artists UK 69) VG+ 4
April - Rollin' It Over/Come On Down (Pye UK 75) cb VG+ 6 NEW!!!
Brian Auger's oblivion Express - Marai's Wedding/Tommorrow City (Polydor UK 71) cb EX 6
Jeff Beck - Tallyman/Rock my plimsoul (Columbia UK 67) VG 5
Cliff Bennett - Back in The U.S.S.R/This Man (Parlophone UK 68) VG 6
Black Faith - It's Alright By Me/Song For A Dollar (Fontana UK 70) VG+ 7
Black Velvet - Please Let Me In/Clown (Beacon UK 70) EX 6 NEW!!!
Black Velvet - So Good To See You/Velvet Funk (Pye UK 72) NOC EX 7
Michael Blount - Beautiful morning/Feathered cloud (York UK 72) Demo M- 7
Blues Image - Ride Captain Ride/Pay My Dues (Atco UK 70) EX 7
Brighton Rock - Rocking Goose/Faded Demin (Phillips UK 72) cb VG+ 6
Edgar Broughton Band - Out Demons Out/Momma's Reward (Keep Them Freaks A-Rollin' (Harvest UK 70) cb VG 5 NEW!!!
Buster - Beautiful Child/Daybreak (RCA UK 76) M 5
Byrds - So You Want To Be A Rock'N'Roll Star/Everybody's Been Burned (CBS UK 66) NOC EX 7
Vin Cardinal - Let The Water Run Down/Season Of The Witch (A&M UK 71 Demo) VG+ 5
Carmen - Flamenco Fever/Lonely House (Regal Zonophone UK 73) VG 5
Checkmates Ltd Featuring Sonny Charles - Proud Mary/Spanish Harlem (A&M UK 69) cb EX 6 NEW!!!
Cinammon Ship - Butterflies are free/October rain (RCA USA 69) cb VG++ 5
Crabby Appleton - Tomorrows a new day/It's so hard (Elektra UK 71) VG+ 5
Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love/SWLABR (Polydor UK 67) cb VG 5 NEW!!!
C.U.B. - I'm going home/You have come my way (Dart UK 73) M- 7
Troy Dante - These are not my people/Little star (MCA 69 Demo) VG 4
Guy Darrell - Crystal Ball/Didn't I (CBS UK 67) cb EX 7 NEW!!!
Spencer Davis Group - Keep On Running/High Time Baby (Fontana UK 65) cb EX 7
The Devils Brigade - Dreaming is/Hey mister man (United Artists US 66) EX 7
Dion - You'd better watch yourself/Both sides now (London UK 68) VG 5
Dion - Abraham,Martin and John/Daddy Rollin' (UK UK 72 Demo) EX 7
Dreams - A Boy Needs A Girl/I Will See You There (United Artists UK 68) F 5
Edison - Everybody Knows/(I Love) The Little Things (Phillips UK 71) EX 6 NEW!!!
Ekseption - Dharma For One/Ave Maria (Phillips UK 71) cb NOC EX 5
Equals - I Get So Excited/The Skies Above (President UK 68) SOL EX 7 NEW!!!
Equals - Funky Like A Train/If You Did'nt Miss Me (Scramble GER 76) P/S VG/VG+ 7
Electric Prunes - I had too much to dream/ Luvin (Reprise US 66) cb VG++ 7
Don Ellis - Eli's Comin'/House In the Country (CBS UK 69 Demo) cb EX 7 NEW!!!
Emperor Rosko - The Customs Man/Take It In Your Stride (B&C UK 71) Slight Edge Warp VG 5
Epics - Travelling Circus/Henry Long (CBS UK 68) SOL VG- 7
Eramus - I Don't Want Our Loving To Die/That Is Why (Alaska UK 73 Demo) EX 6 NEW!!!
Bryan Evans - This Is My Woman/If You Still Want Me (CBS UK 71 Demo) cb EX 7
Don Fardon - Good lovin'/Ruby's picture's on my wall (Pye UK 69) VG+ 4
Peter Fenton - Marble Breaks,Iron Bends/Small Town (Fontana UK 66) VG 6 NEW!!!
Fickle Pickle - California Calling/Doctor Octopus (B&C UK 72) VG 5
Flame - I Wanna Be Loved/Big Wheels Turnin' (EMI UK 77 Demo) cb EX 6 NEW!!!
Billy Fontaine - Angel in my pocket/Little green apples (Fontana UK 69) VG 5
Frijid Pink - Music for the People/Sloony (Deram GERMAN 71) P/S NOC EX/EX 5
Fresh Meat - Hobo/If you can't live(You're Dead) (Raft UK 73) tol VG+ 5
Fumble - Rock'n roll high school/On the road to fame (Decca UK 76) M 5
J Geils Band - Looking for a love/Whammer Jammer (Atlantic UK 72) EX
Geordie - Francis was a Rocker/Don't do that (Regal Zonophone UK 72) VG+ 5
Geordie - She's a Teaser/We're alright now (EMI UK 74) EX 5
Gibsons - The Magic Book/You Know I Need your Loving (Deram UK 67) cb VG 6
Glencoe - Look Me In The Eye/Telephonia (Epic UK 72 Demo) cb EX 6
Gothic Horizon - The Jason Lodge Poetry Book/Wilhemina Before Sunrise (Argo UK 70)G 5
Gracious - Beautiful/What A Lovely Rain (Polydor UK 69) cb G 6 RESERVED!!!
Great Expectations - Devil's Gun/Bigger and Better (Polydor UK 73) cb EX 7
Luther Grosvenor - Here Comes The Queen/Heavy Day (Island UK 71) cb VG+ 7
Noel Harrison - Suzanne/Life Is A Dream (Reprise UK 67 Demo) VG 7
Mike Harper - I'm Crying/Rip off (RCA UK 76) cb EX 5
Alan Hawkshaw - Puppet On A String/Everybody Knows (Tangerine UK 69) VG 7 RESERVED!!!
Herman's Hermits - Here comes the star/It's alright now (Columbia UK 69) cb M 5
Ram John Holder - I Just Came To Get My Baby/Yes I Do (Beacon UK 68) VG+ 7
Huddersfield Transit Authority - Runaway/Bayou farm (Polydor UK 72) cb NOC M 6
Marsha Hunt - C'est La Vie/Do You Believe In Voodoo (Electric UK 76) EX 7
J Geils Band - Funky Judge/Must of got lost (Atlantic US 74) NOC M- 7
Jimmy James and the Vagabonds - Ain't Love Good,Ain't Love Proud/Don't Know What I'm Gonna Do (Piccadilly UK 66) cb WOL G 7 NEW!!!
Jigsaw - Baby don't do it/Stand next to me (BASF UK 75) EX 6
Tom Jones - Looking Out My Window/A Minute Of Your Time (Decca UK 68) cb EX 7
Jay Justin - As if I didn't know/Reminiscing (Columbia UK 68) cb VG 3
Peter D Kelly - Rock to the Jukebox/Brotherhood within (DJM UK 74) cb EX 7
Kidrock - Rock-a-bye blues/Bang,bang (Youngblood UK 73) M 7
Mack Kissoon - I Care About You/Get Down With It(incorporating Satisfaction)(Youngblood UK 69) EX 7
Lucas With The Mike Cotton Sound - We Got A Thing Going Baby/Soul Serenade (MGM UK 68) cb G 7 NEW!!!
Lulu - Call Me/After You (Decca UK 66) cb VG 5
Lunar Funk - Mr Penguin-Pt 1/Mr Penguin-Pt 2 (Bell UK 72) EX 6
Chris McClure Section - You're Only Passing Time/Sing Our Song (CBS UK 69) cb NOC EX 6
Ray Macvay Band - Genesis/House Of Clowns (Parlophone UK 66 Demo) cb VG+ 7
Mighty Mo - Ape Call/Heavy Bear (Columbia UK 72 Demo) VG+ 5
Mint - Dog Eats Dog/All Night Lover (President UK 73) VG+ 7
New Establishment - (One of these days) Sunday's gonna come on tuesday/Baby the rain must fall (Colgems USA 70) VG++ 5
Odin's People - From A Distance/I Need You (Major Minor UK 67) cb VG 5
Ohio Express - Mercy/Roll it up (Buddah US 69) NOC EX 7
Buster Pearson - She's My Girl/I Wanner Thank You (K&B UK 74) VG+ 6
Peenuts - Theme from the Monkees/The worlds been good to me tonight (Ember UK 67) VG 4
Performance - Funny Little Things/Rejoice (Polydor UK 73) cb VG+ 6 NEW!!!
Peters World - Jambo Song/Two timing baby (CBS UK 71)Demo VG 4
P.F.M - Four Holes In The Ground/The World Became The World (Manticore UK 74) cb EX 7
Procol Harum - A salty dog/ Long time geek (Regal Zonophone UK 69) cb EX 6
Quebec - May Day/Mama Roux (Harvest UK 78) cb VG+ 5
Rags - Promises,Promises/Too Many Years(Too Many Tears)(RAK UK 77) cb EX 5
Ramsay Lewis -Wade in the water/ Cry baby cry (Chess UK 69) VG 6
Rare Earth - In Bed/Satisfaction Guaranteed (Rare Earth GER 71) P/S VG/VG 4
Sol Raye - Welcome Stranger/Until Then (Ocean UK 70) cb EX 5
Ivor Raymonde Orchestra - Force One/The Professionals (Tempest Music UK 76) EX 7
Rock Candy - Remember/Don't put me down (MCA UK 71 Demo) cb EX 5
Rod Mason Jass Band - Russian knickers/I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter (Viva UK 69) VG 3
Scaffold - 2 Day's Monday/3 Blind Jellyfish (Parlophone UK 66) cb EX 7 NEW!!!
Jimmy Scott Madeleine/We All Need A Hero (Decca UK 74) cb EX 5
Sir Percy Quintet - She's such a good looking girl/She loves that boy (MCA UK 70) CB EX 7
Small Faces - Lazy Sunday/Rollin' over (Immediate UK 68) VG+ 4
Small Faces - The Universal/Donkey rides penny a glass ( Immediate lilac UK 68) cb VG+ 5
Jimmy Smith - I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man Part 1/I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man Part 2 (Verve UK 66) cb EX 7
Kristine Sparkle - Eight Days A Week/The Drum (Decca UK 74 Demo) VG+ 7
Studd Pump - Spare The Children/Floatin' (Penny Farthing UK 71) VG+ 7 NEW!!!
Sunrise - Call On Me/The Land (Polydor UK 77) cb EX 6
Ten Years After - Love like a man/If you should love me (Deram GERMAN 68) P/S NOC EX/EX+ 5
Three Quarters - People Will Talk/Love Come A Tricklin' Down (Columbia UK 65 Demo) VG- 6
Trade Winds - Mind Excursion/Little Susan's Dreaming (Kama Sutra UK 66) VG+ 7
Tangerine Peel - Never Say Never Again/A Thousand Miles Away (MGM UK 69) cb VG 7 RESERVED!
Paul Travers - Memories of Melinda/Lullaby to Claire (A&M Records UK 70) cb EX 5
Traxter - Glandular Fever Chrispian St Peters - You Were On My Mind (Immediate UK) EX 7
Tremoloes - (Call Me) Number One/Instant Whip (CBS UK 69) cb VG+ 6
Vanity Fare - Our Own Way Of Living/Nowhere To Go (DJM UK 71 Demo) cb EX 7
Vanity Fare - Where Did All The Good Times Go/Stand (DJM UK 71) cb EX 7
Vernons Girls - Loco-motion/Don't Wanna Go (Decca UK 62) cb VG+ 7
Norman T Washington - Same Thing All Over/You've Been Cheating (Pama UK 68) cb VG 7 NEW!!!
Watson T Brown - Somebody's Changing My Sweet Baby's Mind/What Can I Do (Seven Sun UK 72) EX 7
Louisa Jane White - If You Only Need A Friend/Take Me Down To The River (MCA UK 72 Demo) EX 7
Wild Angels - Three Nights A Week/Time To Kill (B&C UK 71) EX 5
Wolf - Two Sisters/Go Down (Deram UK 73 Demo) cb EX 7
Worth - I A'int Backing Down/I'm Not Fooling (CBS UK 73 Demo) EX 4