45s A to F

ps: picture sleeve, cb: company bag, wol: writing on label, tol: tear on label, sol: sticker/stain on label noc: original centre missing. stol: Radio/date stamp on label


Amazing Dancing Band - Deep Blue Train/Simon Smith And His Amazing Dancing Bear (Verve UK 68 Demo) cb VG++ 35
Super Classy Piano and Horns Instrumental which should have appeared on a soundtrack.Not easy to find 45 which has picked up spins on the Soul Scene.
American Jam Band - American Jam/Nature's Child (Parlophone UK 72) EX 15
Heavy Glam Pounder with spooky effects and guitar feedback.
James Anderson - Mama mama/ Muskatel muskatel (Polydor UK 71) VG+ 30
Absolute heavy fuzz wah funk devastation B side similar to John Fitch's "Stoned out of it". Rare UK copy.
Tim Andrews & Paul Korda - Angel face/ Waiter get me a drink (Parlophone UK 68) demo cb VG++ 20
Their tough to find 2nd 45 with 2 sides of classy imaginative inventive pop. The B side has been compiled on Piccadilly Sunshine 3 while the equally good A side is still only avaiable on this 45.
Anton - Shot down in action/ Mine all mine (Spark UK 75) M- 15
Hard pounding glam infected rocker with some nice fuzz at the beginning and echoey psych weirdness running all through.
Calvin Arnold - Funky Way/Snatchin Back (MGM UK 67) cb EX 25 RESERVED!
Rare UK copy of this superb Funky/Club Soul Two-sider.
Atomic Rooster - Save me/ Close your eyes (Dawn UK 72) demo VG++12
Heavy 'n' funky wah-wah guitar driven beast.
Asterix - Everybody/If I Could Fly (Decca UK 70 Demo) cb EX 25
Catchy one-off UK copy from this German outfit.Contains hard riffin' guitar and some nice organ.
Audience - You're Not Smiling/Eye To Eye (Charisma UK 71) EX 15
Great upbeat number with outstanding driving Flute.Comped on "Electric Ayslum Vol 3".
Brian Auger - Red Beans And Rice Part 1/Red Beans And Rice Part 2 (Marmalade France 67) P/S noc VG/VG+ 25
Brian at his Best! Tough to find.Great Two Sider
Cliff Aungier - Good, Good/ Beet Routes (Pye UK 70) demo VG++ 15
Nice swampy folk funk with some cool breathy echo vocal effects coming in at the end. Comped on Mixed Up Minds 5. See and hear it on our Youtube channel.
Babylon - Into The Promised Land/Nobody's Fault But Mine (Polydor UK 69) cb EX 25 NEW!!!
Fantastic Funky Rock Killer with bongos and stinging guitar.
Barron Knights -Traces/Awake (Columbia UK 70) cb EX 15 NEW!!!
Great Flipside with thought provoking lyrics and acid guitar.Comped on Piccadilly Sunshine 18.
Barron Knights - You're All I Need/Nothin' Doin' (Penny Farthing UK 72) cb M- 15
Tribal percussion with Psych Sounds make this a superb 45.Comped on Electric Asylum 3.
Bee Gees - Jumbo/The Singer Sang his Song (Polydor UK 68) cb M 15
Non Hit 45 was has great Guitar and mellotron.Hard to find especially in this condition.
Mike Berry - Tribute to Buddy Holly/Dial My Number (Polydor UK 76) EX 12
Dial My Number is a Great Dancer produced by Miki Dallon.Sounds Earlier than 76'.
Bitch - Good time coming/ At the party (WB UK 72) cb EX 12
Stomping hard rockers in vein of New York Dolls. A side later covered by Mustard. Small sticker residue on label.
Blue Cheer - Summertime blues/ Out of focus (Philips UK 67) cb VG++ 20
Arguably the heaviest thing recorded in ‘67 and credited as the first heavy metal 45. Didn’t sell in the UK, so scarce as a UK press. Has a small silver star on A side label
Blue Skies - Happy/Nightingale (Fontana UK 70 Demo) cb EX 20
Lovely arrangement with flute and superb vocals.Very similar style to Love.Comped on Fading Yellow 12.
Oliver Bone - Knock On Wood/Jugger Tea (Parlophone UK 66 Demo) VG 20
Hip-shaking Version of the Eddie Floyd classic on the topside.The Flip is a storming instrumental workout which has a Jazzy feel to it.The Vinyl has lots of light marks but plays very well.
Boss Effect - Brother,Hold Your Head Up High/Goodbye Life That Used To Be (Decca UK 71 Demo) EX 15 NEW!!!
Obscure Two-sider which sounds like a speeded up Funky Version of the Temptations.
Boots - You Better Run/A To D (Youngblood UK 70) WOL VG 25
Slight Punky Garage feel to this superb Double-sider 45.Slashing Guitar and a speaking clock appear on the flipside.The Topside does the number '20' written in black felt pen on the label.Both sides appear on the compilation Incredible Sound Show Stories 16:Second Glance Through The Looking Glass.
Boston Boppers - Did You Get What You Wanted/Whirlwind Girl (Penny Farthing UK 74) cb SOL EX 25
Heavy Drums in the style of the Glitter Band and spooky vocals make this a superb Glambuster.Hard to track down UK copy which also is a great double-sider.Has a 'Not For Resale' sticker on the topside label.Comped on Boobs & Electric Asylum 5.
Brainbox - Woman's Gone/Down Man (Parlophone UK 69) cb VG+ 20
Superb Groover which has Jan Akkerman's Guitar greatness all over it.Has sweat marks on the vinyl because of the way it has been stored,but these do not affect play.
Los Bravos - Save Me,Save Me/Baby I Love You (Decca UK 69 Demo) cb EX 25
Amazing Club Dancer.This has everything,Funky Organ,Horns and great Guitar break.Comped on Get Ready UK Floor Fillers Vol 3.
Marc Brierley - Lady Of The Light/ Sunny Weather (CBS UK 69) cb demo VG++ 20 NEW!!!
Classy slice of folk pop psych with baroque undercurrents, coupled with Donovan like folk pop. See and hear it on our Youtube channel.
Brigadune - I'll cry from out my grave/ Misty mornin' (Verve US 68) demo EX 40
Rare West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band spin off 45 written by Shaun Harris/ Michael Lloyd. Wonderful sunshine pop psych very similar to the more melodic WCPAEB stuff.
Friday Brown - Ask Any Woman/ Outdoor Seminar (Fontana UK 67) VG 12
Lovely dreamy folky number on the B side produced by Graham Gouldman, coupled with well arranged orchestrated pop. A few scratches and pops, but plays nicely most of the time - listen to both sides on our Youtube channel.
John Bryant - Tell Me What You See/Poor Unfortunate Me (Fontana UK 65) cb EX 30 NEW!!!
Dylan style Garage Psych/Beat which is superb.Comped on Beat Us If You Can 1.
Ronnie Burns - Age of consent/ Picadilly pages (Spin Oz 68) VG++ 15
A side written by Terry Britten, but it's the wonderful Kinksian pop sike B side that really shines and was the inspiration behind the whole Picadilly Sunshine series.
Buster - Superstar/Rainbows & Colours (Bradleys UK 74) EX 20
Super Glam with Sweet style vocals,Bikes revving and thumping drums.Comped on Glitter From The Litter Bin.
Buster Jangles' Flying Mattress - Love Has Taken Over My Brain/ Little World I Knew (RCA UK 71) demo VG++ 45 NEW!!!
Storming slice of early 70s psychy prog pop with buzzsaw guitar riffage. One-off peculiarity and pretty tough to nab. See and hear it on our Youtube channel.
Junior Campbell - Goodbye Baby Jane/If I Call Your Name (Deram UK 71) cb EX 15 NEW!!!
Ex Marmalade Mainman comes up with this superb Gem.Uptempo acoustic number with a blistering guitar solo.Comped on Tea & Symphony.
Candlelight - That's What I Want/ The Happy Days Of Summer (CBS UK 67) demo cb VG 20 NEW!!!
Rare and great pop psych with Eleanor Rigby style cello happenings, written by Carter/Lewis. Label has slight water damage and a date stamp. Some marks, plays fine. See and hear both sides on our Youtube channel.
Candy Choir - Those Bootleggin' Prohibition Days/Love Me Princess (MAM UK 71) cb EX 15
Lovely copy of this scarce Pop-sike Beauty which has some wonderful Organ.Comped on Curiosity Shop & Fading Yellow.
Carmen - Flamenco Fever/Lonely House (Regal Zonophone UK 73) EX 15
Very intresting 45 from a group who appeared on the bill of Bowie's 1980 Floor Show.This was produced by Tony Visconti and features a great groove and strong guitar.Comped on Mixed Up Minds 6.
Carnival - Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine/ Silver Dreams and Scarlet Memories (Columbia UK 67) demo EX 25
Very scarce slice of dynamic UK pop psych with great harmonies and occasional fuzziness. Listen to both sides on our Youtube channel.
Carriage Company - In your room/ Feel right (CBS UK 69) demo cb VG 15
Great hard rocking funky fuzz dancer A side coupled witth Rubble compiled psych pop with phasing and echo. Small sticker on A side label.
Casuals - The Witch/Good Times (Dawn UK 74) cb EX 30
The Casuals cross over to the darker side coming on heavy Glam with Moog and Guitars.This two-sider is starting to be in-demand.Comped on Killed By Glam.
Catapult - Let Your Hair Hang Down/Performers Prayer (Bradleys UK 74) VG+ 15 NEW!!!
Great Glam Two-sider which was this Dutch Band's only UK release.Comped on Boobs.
Chameleon - Who Am I?/ Coogan's Keep (CBS UK 71) demo cb VG 15 NEW!!!
Rare and great slice of psychological prog with a decent B too. Plays well with the odd bit of noise and has a bit of writing on the label. Check it out on our Youtube channel.
Chance - Wash My Mem'ries/Gonna Make It (Alaska UK 72) EX 25
Obscure Funky Rock Dancer which features some superb guitar and percussion.Very hard to find UK copy.
Ray Charles - Let's Go Get Stoned/The Train (HMV UK 66) cb VG+ 15 RESERVED!
One of the Best Double-siders ever! Great to have as a Demo.See and hear both sides on our Youtube channel.
Chase - Get It On/River (Epic UK 71) EX 20
Brilliant Funky Rock 45 very much in the style of Blood,Sweat & Tears.Fantastic production with Horns,Organ and Wah Wah Guitar.Hard To Find UK copy.
Cher - For What It's Worth/(Just Enough To Keep Me) Hangin' On (Atco UK 69) EX 12 NEW!!!
Great version of the Buffalo Springfield classic.Has a Blues feel about it with superb guitar.
Children - Piece Of My Heart/ Girl Of Tender Means (Columbia UK 71) demo EX 25 NEW!!!
Heavy prog A side as featured on "Lovin' Fire" while the B side is a lovely moody slice of prog folk and the better side in my opinion. Has some writing on label and a sticker stain.
Choc - Way of life/ I want you to be my girl (Decca UK 70) demo M- 25
Brilliant mod dance floor melter B side with fuzz, hammond, great drumming and vocals with heavy echo delay. Rare pristine UK copy.
Neil Christian - That's Nice/I Like It (Rivera Fra 66) P/S VG+/VG+ 25
Storming Sorrows Type Freakbeat on the Flipside.This appeared with the title 'Green Eyes' a few years ago.Mr Jimmy Page is featured on guitar duties.Comped on Purple Heart Surgery Vol 1.
Chubby Checker - Back In The USSR/Windy Cream (Buddah UK 69) cb EX 15 NEW!!!
Chubby Does a full on Hammond/Brass workout of the Fab's Favorite.
Chubby Checker - My Mind/ Stoned In The Bathroom (Ariola It 71) P/S EX/EX 45 NEW!!!
Chubby in heavy fuzz psych funk mode with two great cuts from his Chequered LP only released in Italy on 45. Lovely copy.
Chuckles - Never/Painting The Day (CBS UK 68) cb VG- 12
Very Nice Up Beat Sunshine Pop-sike Two-sider.Both sides are fairly worn with lots of marks,but both play well.Comped on Piccadilly Sunshine 6.
Claggers - Someone/Umber Rag (DJM UK 71 Demo) cb EX 20 NEW!!!
Quality Acoustic Flipside with some nice Keyboards and Guitar.Comped on Mixed Up Minds 6.See it and hear it on our YouTube channel.
Dave Clark Five - Julia/Five By Five (Columbia UK 70) cb EX 12
Intense,Manic,Fuzz Driven Drum Heavy Instrumental.
Linda Clarke - Rain in my heart/ Society's child (Decca UK 67) demo cb EX £20
Brilliant epic soul pop version of B side with harpsichord, production flourishes and beautiful vocals.
Colors Of Love - Just Another Fly/Twenty-Ten (Page One UK 68 Demo) EX 25
Lovely Orchestrated Harmony Pop-sike.This is the same song that was also released by Tinkerbell's Fairydust.
Cortinas - Phoebe's flower shop/ Too much in love (Polydor UK 68) EX 15
Scarce pop sike compiled on Circus Days 4.
J.R. Corvington - Don't Stop The Music/Warm As The Morning Sun (Decca UK 72 Demo) EX 25 NEW!!!
Obscure Funky Mod/Rock B' side dancer with some nice fuzzy guitar,Brass stabs and catchy chorus.See and hear it on our Youtube channel.
Peter Courtney - Dr David's private papers/ Before you go (Discostar Bel 67) p/s VG+/EX 20
Unknown Belgian pressing of US pop psych majesty compiled on Realistic Patterns 2. Comes in fold-over art sleeve.
Creation - Carolina/ Here in my heart (M and M UK 72) EX 15
Brilliant funky mod pop B side with huge drums, fat plunky bass, choppy guitar and as catchy as chlamydia. Recently appeared on Mixed up Minds 3.
Crocheted Doughnut Ring - Maxine's Parlour/ Get Out Your Rock And Roll Shoes (Deram UK 68) VG- 15 NEW!!!
B side plays great, A side with some surface noise but not too disturbing. Labels are stained and have writing and don't look nice. Cheap copy of a very playable 45, see and hear it on our Youtube channel.
C.Star - Bad Boy/Alex (Jam UK 73 Demo) cb EX 15
Great driving Glam sound with female vocal and fuzz guitar.Comped on Electric Asylum 6.
Cupid's Inspiration - The sad thing/ Look at me (Bell UK 69) cb M- 15
Great 2 sider, coupling great mod pop dancer on the A side with a psych tinged pop rocker on the B.
Syd Dale Orchestra - C'mon In/Disc A Go Go (Decca UK 65) cb VG+ 15
Swinging Band Sounds where both sides could have featured as TV themes.
Danta - Queen Of Sheba/Feelin' The Heat (CBS UK 71 Demo) cb EX 20 NEW!!!
Funky Rock at it's best with loads of Guitar and percussion.Comped on Electric Asylum.
Deadwood - Me And My Friends/Little Joe (Decca UK 71 Demo) cb EX 15 NEW!!!
Underated Double-sider which is very well produced and deserves more attention.
Jason Deane - Down In The Street/Ain't Got No Love (King UK 67) EX 35 NEW!!!
Gritty Mod/Beat Two-sider Dancer.Comped on That Driving Beat Vol 4.
Deep Purple - Emmaretta/Wring That Neck (Parlophone UK 68) cb VG 15
Great Funky sound from Richie's guitar.B'side label has some damage.The vinyl plays Great.
Deep Water - Take A Look Around/Poor Little Me (Pye UK 70 Demo) cb EX 15 NEW!!!
Great one-off 45 which benefits from the John Schroeder production.Solid Funky sound with a nice guitar break.Comped on Mixed Up Minds 5.
Derek Savage Foundation - Stop the wedding/ Breaking through (CBS UK 67) VG++ 15
Very rare one 0ff. The B side is a lovely dreamy sike number penned by Mike D'Abo and remains uncompiled. Unfortunately while the vinyl looks nice, the label has some damage - everything is still readable but grubby and looks like some water damage.
Dr.West's Medicine Show and Junk Band - Bullets La Verne/Jigsaw (Page One UK 68) cb VG++ 30
Flipped out Flipside from 'Spirit In The Sky' man Norman Greenbaum.Full of Eastern Promise with Tablas and searing guitar.
Dog Rose - Paradis Row/ Sunday morning (Satril UK 72) demo VG++ 20
Beautiful melodic pop psych A side while the unique B side clashes clumping piano, searing heavy guitar and another great tune. One of THE great lost 45s.
Carl Douglas and the Big Stampede - Crazy Feeling/Keep It To Myself (Go UK 66) VG- 15
Non-stop Soul action release on this very collectable label.Has quiet a few marks but as its so Loud,it plays well all the way through.
Julie Ege - Love/ In One Of Your Weaker Moments (CBS UK 71) VG++ 30
More famous for her pulse-enhancing film roles this 45 is rather special, combining John Lennon and Julian Brook's songwriting with baroque arrangements and her breathy vocals. See and hear it on our Youtube channel.
Eire Apparent - Yes I Need Someone/Rock'n'Roll band (Buddah UK 69) EX 30
Strong double sider with the help of Jimi adding his production skills
Electric Prunes - Everybody Knows You're Not In Love/You Never Had It Better (Reprise UK 68) cb EX 35 NEW!!!
Their Final 45 and one of their best.Great flipside with plenty of Feedback action.Comped on Nuggets Vol 5.
Yvonne Elliman - I Can't Explain/Hawaii (Purple UK 73) VG 15
Amazing version of the Who's classic which features Pete Townsend on guitar.
English Rose - Yesterday's hero/ To Jackie (Polydor UK 70) cb EX 20
Wonderful anthemic rock blast from the film 'Groupie Girl', a lost classic.
Equals - Funky Like A Train/If You Didn't Miss Me (Mercury UK 76) EX 20
Great funky groove all the way down the line.Rare UK copy..
Erasmus Chorum - Jungle/ That is why (Alaska UK 73) VG 25
Has some crackle over the intro, but otherwise plays great. Stomping heavy glam funk with wild spacey effects. The jungle's alive!
Bryan Evans - This Is My Woman/ If You Still Want Me (CBS UK 71) demo cb EX 15
Chunky funky soul rocker B side, where Bryan sounds similar to Jack Bruce at times. See and hear it on our Youtube channel.
Kenny Everett - Nice Time/And Now For A Little Train Number (Deram UK 69) cb EX 20
Kenny Comes up with the goods with this Fab Pop/Sike Two-sider.
Fairweather - Lay It On Me/Looking For The Red label Part 2 (Neon UK 71 Demo) VG+ 15
Andy Fairweather gets down low on to the funk dancefloor.Great hip hop drums on this terrific instro.
Falling Leaves - Beggars Parade/Tomorrow Night (Decca UK 66) cb EX 35
Top Condition Copy of this Lovely Pop-Sike Beauty.Excellent Keyboards and vocal arrangement.Comped on Rubble 6:The Clouds Have Groovy Faces.
Barry Fantoni - Little Man In A Little Box/Fat Man (Fontana UK 66) cb VG+ 80 NEW!!!
Great Ray Davis Lost Classic on the Topside and Kinks style Dancer on the Flipside.Has one or two light marks but otherwise plays very well.Comped on Piccadilly Sunshine 7 & 10.
Don Fardon - (The Lament of the Cherokee)Indian Reservation/Dreamin' Room (PYE UK 68) EX 15
Rare 2nd release on Pye (7N.25475) which has the better B'side than the Later hit Youngblood issue.It has a psychy jazz feel to it.
Chris Farlowe - Last goodbye/ Paperman fly in the sky (Immediate UK 68) VG++ 15
Great psychy B side comped on the excellent comp of the same name, coupled with gorgeous wistful Mike D'Abo song.
Father's Brown - Maybe/ Yellow moon is high (Decca UK 70) demo VG 20
Great psych prog dancer with some killer guitar and in my experience one of the rarest UK Decca releases. Would be graded higher but B side has a small scratch at the end which causes a click for the last 20 seconds or so, hence grade.
Fearn's Brass Foundry - Now I Taste The Tears/Love Sink And Drown (Decca UK 68) cb VG+ 25 NEW!!!
Dramatic Atmospheric Sounds on the topside with devastating consequences.Light relief on the Soul sounding flipside.Has some light pops at the quiet start of the A' side but plays great when the music kicks in.Comped on New Directions 4 & Hide And Seek.
5th Dimension - Sunshine of your love/ Working on a groovy thing (Liberty UK 69) cb EX 15
Top funky version of the A side with some killer guitar thrown in.
Philip John Filby - David Mckenzie/Close My Eyes And Stick With Me (Dart UK 71 Demo) VG+ 15 NEW!!!
Great value 3 Track sampler which hopefully would have led to his own Tommy inspired Rock opera double album.The LP David Mckenzie - Yesterday Today was shelved and never saw the light of day.Has a slight warp,but both sides play well.Comped on Fading Yellow,Mixed Up Minds 4 & Piccadilly Sunshine 16.
First Division - Up The Boro/Stukey's Strut (Match UK 74) EX 15
Middlesbrough FC's Tribute 45 which features a super cool Funk/Instro Guitar/Organ flipside workout.
Flock - Tired Of Waiting For You/Store Bought-Store Thought (CBS UK 69) SOL VG++ 15
This superb version of the Ray Davies classic first came to the public's attention when it appeared on the famous CBS sampler "Fill Your Head With Rock".Full Funk workout with Brass,Violin & Guitar.Has a small white sticker on the centre topside label.
Flying Machine - The Devil Has Possession Of Your Mind/Hey Little Girl (Pye UK 70) cb VG+ 20
Guitar groover which has some nice effects.Comped on Pop-In Vol 2 & Ripples 7.
Fourmyula - I know why/ Alice is there (Columbia Ger 68) P/S VG++/EX 25
Rare German only coupling of 2 brill NZ pop psych head-spinners with phasing, twisting tunes and surreal lyrics. Nice art sleeve just has a little faint writing on it.
Kim Fowley - Born To Make You Cry/Thunder Road (Action UK 72) EX 20 NEW!!!
Legendary Character Kim Fowley comes up with this superb hard riffin' two-sider.I wonder who backed him on this?
Fraternity of man - Don’t bogart me/ Wispy paisley skies (Stateside UK 69) cb demo VG+ 15 NEW!!!
While the A Side featured on Easy Rider,it's the Psychedelic B' side that blows minds on this one.Has some marks,but plays well.
Freedom Of Choice - Doctor Tom/ Fat Man (Wand UK 70) VG+ 30 NEW!!!
Excellent mod dancer B side, with psych guitar, coupled with great prog psych A side, sounding quite UK again with nice psych guitar. Plays pretty well, has a few scratches and labels have a little writing and damage on B side. See and hear it on our Youtube channel.
Lowell Fulsom - Tramp/Pico (Fontana UK 66) cb VG++ 35 RESERVED!
Classic Funk/Blues/Mod Two-sider.Very hard too find UK copy.Comped on Blues & Soul Power,Kent's Celler Of Soul:03 & Looking Good:Mod Club Classics.
Fut - Have You Heard The Word/Futting (Beacon UK 70) cb WOL EX 55 NEW!!!
Legendary Mystery Psych 45 which is rumured to be the Fab Four.In the end it was discovered to be Australian duo Tin Tin and Bee Gee Maurice Gibb.It sounds very similar to I Am The Walrus and the Magical Mystery Tour period.There are letters A & B written in pencil on the four prong centre.Comped on Love,Poetry And Revolution.