Some sites you may find of particular interest. Brilliant resource for 45s info, the best on the net. The home of British Psychedelia on the web. Also find links to the sadly missed Sweet Floral Albion archive and the mighty Regal Zonophone UK psych discussion group. It's all too beautiful.... Excellent online 'zine with an essential reviews section covering 60s psych, garage, folk-rock, sunshine pop, freakbeat, soul, early '70s rock, country-rock, wyrd folk, power pop etc. It's hip! It's happening! It's Shindig! This will be the greatest resource for music in the future, no question. Help build the data base to include every record ever made! Fascinating new site that could develop into one of the most important resources on the history of British pop! Highly entertaining and endlessly enthrawling site, dedicated to unearthing and celebrating lost musical magic from the unlikeliest places. Very nice Greece based site with cool piccies of rare records as well as reviews and a host of other interesting gear. Check it out! Music resources from Holland Musicians Mapper, a captivating interactive tool that traces the roots of UK artists back to their hometowns, including those from your vicinity. It’s a feast for the eyes and offers a unique way for local enthusiasts and music lovers to delve into the musical legacy of their own region.


A handy links page to all the UKs major record dealers and lots of smaller stores as well!
If you are looking for British pressings, deletions or new releases, this is your starting point.

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