60's/70's 45s G to L

ps: picture sleeve, cb: company bag, wol: writing on label, tol: tear on label, sol: sticker/stain on label noc: original centre missing. stol: Radio/date stamp on label


Gallagher-Lyle - Trees/ In The Crowd (Polydor UK 67) cb VG 30
Their rare debut and a great slice of 1967 complex art pop with jazzy leanings. Quite a few surface marks, but plays pretty well.
Gentle Power Of Song - Constant Penelope/A Court Garden Party, Circa.1580 (Polydor UK 67) cb EX 20
Harmony Pop-sike with superb production and stinging guitar.Comped on New Rubble Volume 4 Utopia Daydream.
Gervase - Pepper Grinder/Visions (Decca UK 68 Demo) cb EX 40 NEW!!!
Wonderful period pop-sike two-sider.Comped on Piccadilly Sunshines 2 & 4.
Giant Empire - Look at the sky/ Sleeping dreaming (CNR NL 70) p/s VG+/VG++ 35
Heavy Dutch prog psych comped on Dig the Fuzz's "Green Eyed Gods of Smoke (Heavy Psychedelic Stoners from Around the World)". This was the actual copy used for that comp. The great Hammond heavy B side remains only available on this very rare 45.
Gilbert - Disappear/ You (CBS 67) demo EX 30 NEW!!!
Gilbert O'Sullivan's debut 45 and pretty rare. Quirky period pop A side coupled with great baroque pop B side. Date stamp on A side.
Giorgio - Underdog/Watch Yourself (A&M UK 71) cb EX+ 15
Germany's most famous Record Producer comes up with this Fuzz/Psych gem.Abba must have heard this and used it for their Ring Ring 45.Also contains a savage guitar break.This is a Super UK Copy.
Glass Menagerie - Have You Forgotten Who You Are/Do You Ever Think (Polydor UK 69) cb VG+ 35 NEW!!!
This was the follow up to their classic 'Frederick Jordan' 45.Features heavy guitar sounds and organ.Comped on New Rubble Vol 2:Speaking My Mind.
Globe Show - Yes Or No/Gettin' On Back (Page One UK 69 Demo) cb EX 45 NEW!!!
Having dropped Chris Shakespeare and replacing him with John Drever,the flipside is pure Mod/Soul.Comped on She's A Heartbreaker:UK Floor Fillers Vol 4.
Trev Gordon - Floating/Everyone Knows (Pye UK 66 Demo) cb EX+ 25
Immaculate copy of this obscure 45 which was also released in the US and Australia.It seems to be only available as a Demo/Promo in the UK.Comped on Ripples 2:Dreamtime.
Ron Grainer - The Prisoner/Happening Sunday (RCA UK 67) cb EX 55
Groovy Theme which was not the version featured in the TV series.Both sides are brilliant,which makes this a great value 45..
Dominic Grant - I've Been There/Don't Stop Girl (Mercury UK 68) cb VG+ 40
Fuzzed Up/Organ Flipside which should be on some Mod Compilation.See and hear on our YouTube channel.
Carol Grimes And Delivery – Harry Lucky/ Homemade Ruin (B&C UK 70) VG+ 30
Excellent prog psych, particularly the B side. See and hear both sides on Youtube.
Gringo - I'm Another Man/ Soft Mud (MCA UK 71) cb demo VG++ 15
Great 2 sider with a catchy prog pop A side and rockier B side. See and hear on our Youtube channel.
Group Therapy - Remember What You Said/River Deep,Mountain High (Philips UK 69) cb VG- 25
Storming Mod/Psych Dancer.The vinyl is pretty well marked,but plays well due to it's loud recording.Comped on Oddities.
Gulliver's People - Splendour In The Grass/Took This Land (Parlophone UK 66) cb VG+ 15
Classy Harmony/Pop Two-sider.Comped on Dream Babes Vol 2.
Jon Gunn - If You Wish It/ I Don't Want To Get Hung Up On You Babe (Deram UK 67) cb EX 35
Wonderful Deram big production art pop A side, coupled with more soulful B side. Sticker stain and number on B side label.
Jon Gunn - I Just Made Up My Mind/ Now It's My Turn (Deram UK 67) demo cb EX 30
First of his 2 obscure 45s for Deram. A track also done by The Dodos, Jon takes a more soulful approach to great effect. B side is soulful pop from the reliable pens of Fletcher/Flett. Vinyl near perfect, label has sticker stain. See and hear on Youtube.
Hammersmith Gorillas - You Really Got Me/Leavin' Ome (Penny Farthing UK 74) cb WOL VG+ 15
Proto-punk version of the Kink's classic.Jesse and the boys celebrate their version ten years after the original release and produced by Larry Page.Has some writing in red felt pen on the topside label.Comped on Glitterbest.
Hard Horse - Let It Ride/Hang Old Freddy (Dart UK 71) TOL VG+ 25
Hard Edged Funky Rocker whch contains some superb guitar.Has a tear on the Top side label over the Dart Logo.
Neil Harrison - Eyes In The Back Of My Head/The Busker (Deram UK 74) cb EX- 15
Collectable Liverpool artist who now plays John Lennon in the Bootleg Beatles.Very nice Flipside with acoustic and electric guitar.The topside has the letter A' written in black felt tip on the label.
Lee Harmers Popcorn - Love is Coming/Hello Sunshine (Page One UK 67) cb VG+ 25
Lovely sunshine popsike.Comped on Piccadilly Sunshine Vol 9.
Anita Harris - The Playground/B-A-D For Me (CBS UK 67) EX 20
Great Haunting Psych Feel with terrific arrangement.
Keef Hartley Band - Roundabout/Roundabout Part 2 (Deram UK 70 Demo) EX 15
Super charged Funky,Brassy fast Driving with Wah Wah guitar and incredible drums.
Alex Harvey - The Sunday Song/Horizons (Decca UK 67 Demo) cb EX 125
Backed by Giant Moth,this was Alex's most Psychedelic 45 with an Eastern Flavour.Comped on Beatfreak!,Justafixation & Piccadilly Sunshine 19.See and hear both sides on our YouTube Channel.
Heaven - Hangin' On/Funny Lines (CBS UK 72 Demo) cb EX 25
Heavy Deep Purple Sounds on the Topside.The Flipside is a seven minute workout with Flute and intresting arrangements.Comped on Mixed Up Minds 12.
Heavy Jelly - Time Out/ Chewn In (Head UK 69) VG+ 25
Heavy UK psych prog underground heavy instros with fuzzed up guitar.
Hector - Bye Bye Bad Days/Lady (DJM UK 74) cb VG++ 40 NEW!!!
Equally as powerful as their debut 'Wired Up'.The flipside also contains superb Drum breaks.Comped on All The Young Droogs,Electric Asylum 4 & Killed By Glam.
Hello People - (As I Went Down To) Jerusalem/Its A Monday Kind Of Tuesday (Phillips UK 68) cb EX 25
Searing Guitar over a Bo Diddley style beat make this unknown 45 a real winner.
Hemlock - Mr.Horizontal/Beggar Man (Deram UK 73 Demo) EX 30
The Flipside is the real gem here with a Psych/Prog beginning then going into a Funky Wah Wah middle section.
Tony Hendrik - The Grooviest Girl In The World/Majestic World (Pye UK 69 Demo) cb EX 50
Obscure Two-sider which is very hard to find as a UK copy.Powerful Pop-sike topside and amazing Heavy Phased Guitar/Organ Instro flipside.See and hear both sides on our YouTube Channel.
Tony Hendrik Five - There Is A Tavern In The Town/ I've Said My Say (Columbia Ger 68) P/S VG++/ VG++ 40 NEW!!!
Excellent mod psych B side, quite Small Faces sounding with a nice backwards guitar break and cool drumming. A side is pretty horrible.
Woody Herman - Sidewinder/Greasy Sack Blues (CBS UK 66) cb EX 25 NEW!!!
Classy Swinging Mod/Jazz vocal Dancer.
Het - Lijst 1 EP (Decca NL 66) VG-/ VG++ 40
Rare Dutch EP collecting their first 2 45s, which include fuzz freakbeat and mod punk. Sleeve has sticker damage top middle front. Record a couple of superficial marks. See and hear on Youtube.
High - Long Live The High/Beggar Man Dan (CBS UK 69 Demo) cb EX 40 NEW!!!
One-off collectable period Pop-sike 45 which features Mellotron.Comped on Piccadilly Sunshine 6.
Hobbit - Only Friends/Everything's Turning Out Fine (Satril UK 72 Demo) VG+ 15
Great flipside which has a mystical feel with bongos.Has a slight warp,but does not effect the sound.Comped on Mixed Up Minds 5.
House Of Lords - In The Land Of Dreams/Ain't Gonna Wait Forever (B&C UK 69) EX 300 RESERVED!
Incredible Psych/Mod Two-sider.Has one very light superficial mark which does not sound.Comped on Get Ready:UK Floor Fillers Vol 3, Piccadilly Sunshine 8 & Rubble 15:5000 Seconds Over Toyland.See And Hear on our Youtube channel.
Linda Hoyle With Affinity - Eli's Comin'/United States Of Mind (Vertigo UK 70) cb EX- 50
Alan Hull penned Flipside which is a superb Folk-sike classic.
Hratch - Beautiful Bare Back Rider/Ain't It Tough (Decca UK 70) cb VG+ 30
Classy Pop-sike one-off 45 which features great arrangements and distorted guitar.Comped on Mixed Up Minds 4.
Human Instinct - Midnight Sun/ Idea (Pye NZ 70) cb VG- 45
Rare super-heavy blast of dark wah-wah psych, much better than the LP version and a great non-LP B side too. Not the best copy with some pop and crackle, but mostly plays well. See and hear on Youtube.
Marsha Hunt - Desdemona/Hippy Gumbo (Track UK 69) EX 15
Marsha does great soulful versions of two of Marc's classics
Iguana - Imagine This/ Dreaming Away To Myself (Festival Oz 67) cb EX 45
Excellent Aussie psych pop rarity with shafts of sunshine pop shining through. See and hear on Youtube.
Incredible Bongo Band – Bongo rock ‘73/ Bongolia (DJM UK 72) M- 15
Heavy breakbeat 'n' bongo dance floor brilliance.
Incredible Hog - Lame/Tadpole (Dart UK 73) EX 30
In Demand two-sided Glam/Freakrock monster! Comped on A Visit To The Spaceship Factory,Bonehead Crushers 3:Big Boobs Boogie & Electric Asylum 4.
InCrowd - I'll Make It All Up To You/Love Me Girl (Polydor Holland 66) VG 30
Amazing club stomper with bendy guitar and driving organ.
Iron Virgin - Jet/Midnight Hitcher (Deram UK 74) cb EX 25 NEW!!!
Strange choice of covering the Wing's classic but they do a good version of it.Midpaced Rocker on the Flipside.
Iron Virgin - Rebels Rule/Ain't No Clown (Deram UK 74 Demo) VG+ 25 NEW!!!
If There was a Junkshop Glam Chart,this should be Number One! The vinyl has some marks but plays well.Comped on Velvet Tinmine & Glam Sandwich And Electro Flares.
Irresistibles - Lands Of Shadow/ Sunshine and You (CBS NL 68) VG/EX 15
Majestic dreamy psych pop by ex-pat Americans based in France. Dutch copy, nice sleeve other than split at bottom, lovely vinyl. See and hear on our Youtube channel.
David James - Nothing Left To Lose/Go With The Times (Crystal UK 69) EX 30
Amazing Club Sounds with Horns,guitar fills and lashings of Hammond.Comped on Mix A Fix:UK Floor Fillers Vol 2.
Nicky James - Would You Believe/ Silver Butterfly (Philips UK 68) VG 25 Several marks but a nice playing copy of this eastern psych B side wonder. Comped on Rubble 17 Trip In A Painted World. Hear it for yourself on our Youtube channel.
George Paul Jefferson - Looking For My Mind/Out Of Place (Fontana UK 68) cb EX 50 NEW!!!
Mod/Soul Two-sider with superb production.Has a date stamp on the topside centre spindle.Comped on Mix A Fix:UK Floor Fillers.
Jericho Jones - Time Is Now/Freedom (A&M UK 71) Demo cb EX 20
Two Sided Heavy Rock Blowout.
Jerusalem - Kamakazi Moth/Frustration (Deram UK 72) cb VG+ 55
Dark Heavy Psych/Prog Madness.Brilliant Loud Double-sided Killer.Comped on Circus Days 4.
Jets - Yeah!/Rusty Corinthian Pillar (Cube UK 73) cb EX 25 NEW!!!
Great value Electronic Glam Two-sider.Both sides sound ahead of their time.Comped on Killed By Glam, Sherm Sticks And other Nasty Joints, All The Young Droogs & Electric Asylum 5.
Jigsaw - Keeping My Head Above Water/It's Nice But It's Wrong (Philips UK 71) cb EX 25 NEW!!!
Great heavy drums with stabbing organ.This is a large centre hole copy.
Jobriath - Take Me I'm Yours/Earthling (Elektra UK 73) cb EX+ 20
His first UK 45 which should have made him a huge Glam Star.Superb production Two-sider.
Paul Jones - Life after death/ Mighty ship (Vertigo UK 71) cb EX 15
One of the rarer swirl 45s and 2 good sides.
Samantha Jones - Ford Leads The Way/Go Ahead (Ford UK 68) P/S VG-/VG+ 15
Rare UK copy of this superb Club Two-sider.There are European copies that turn up but this is harder to find.Has two tears on the sleeve but it does come with a promotional insert for twenty two models of Ford cars.
Tom Jones - Stop Breaking My Heart/Never Give Away Love (Decca UK 66) cb EX 15
Big,Brassy Northern Club sound from Mr Jones.
U.K. Jones - Let Me Tell Ya/And The Rains Came Down (Deram UK 69) EX 15
Early Glam sounding Topside which is a real stomper.The flip is more Phil Spector meets the Shangri-las with sound effects.Comped on All The Young Droogs.
Joy Unlimited - Daytime-Nightime/Mr.Pseudonym (Page One UK 69 Demo) cb EX 25
Prog/Psych Ist 45 which features superb Organ and fuzz/Wah guitar.Comped on We Can Fly 2.
Juan & Junior - The Chase/Nothing (CBS UK 67 Demo) cb SOL EX 40 NEW!!!
Spanish Pop Dio dream up this well crafted double-sider.Has some faint writing on the A'side label and a sticker on the flipside.Comped on Cornflake Zoo 01.
Jumbo - She Said/ Wasting My Time (CBS UK 72) cb VG++ 35
Their first and a fab slice of effervescent prog pop, coupled with great CSNY style rural rocker. See and hear on Youtube.
Kemo Sabay - Running Bear/Golden Days (Bumble UK 72) EX 20
The Flipside has a folky/Psych Feel with acoustic guitar and Flute.Comped on Mixed Up Minds 10.
Johnny Kidd And The Pirates - Shakin' All Over 65'/Gotta Travel On (HMV UK 65) cb EX 30
The Greatest British Rock'N'Roll 45 gets a makeover.Swinging Mod Organ is added to the mix ,but it still retains the amazing guitar solo.
Killing Floor – Call For The Politicians/ Acid Bean (Penny Farthing UK 70|) demo cb VG++ 30
Amazing proto-punk bonehead blast of hard-rocking anger on Acid Bean. See and hear on Youtube.
BB King - Heartbreaker/Raining In My Heart (Bluesway US 67) EX 25
BB at his best.Upbeat Mod/Club dancefloor filler with flashes of organ and his trademark guitar.
Solomon King - When You've Gotta Go/Life Child (Polydor UK 72) cb EX 20
Soulful Funky Groover with a superb blistering guitar solo.Comped on Psychamania.
King Biscuit Entertainers - Now Baby, I Love You/ Priscilla Brown (KBE US 68) VG++ 45
Heavy fuzz 'n' feedback psych bad boy released on their own label, coupled with poppier but still pretty great track.
Kingdom Come - Spirit Of Joy/Come Alive (Polydor UK 73) cb NOC VG 15
Arthur's moog madness & unique backing make this a must have.Polydor's comp -"Spirit Of Joy-Tales from the Underground" also A Visit To The Spaceship Factory.
Eartha Kitt - Hurdy Gurdy man/ Catch the wind (Spark UK 70) VG+ 25
Eartha goes fuzzy and funky on this killer version of the Donovan classic. On Electric Lemonade Acid Test #3.
Erkin Koray – Meçhul / Ve... (Diskotür Turk 70) VG- 40
Scorching Turkish eastern guitar psych rarity. Plays with a bit of noise, but not too bad, see and hear on our Youtube channel.
Kydd – Voodoo magic/ You need love (Dart UK 75) stol EX 10
Very obscure stuff, with a funky pop A side verging on disco.
Lancastrians - The World Keeps Going Round/Not The Same Anymore (Pye UK 66) cb EX 65 NEW!!!
Collectable 45 which is written by Ray Davies and features Jimmy Page.Comped on Candy And A Currant Bun & Doin' The Mod 4:Ready Steady Stop!
La De Das - Come and fly with me/ Swallow little swallow (Columbia Oz 69) VG++ 15
Both sides taken from their 'Happy Prince' pop psych masterwork.
Laughing Gravy - Vegetables/ Snow Flakes On Laughing Gravy's Whiskers (White Whale US 67) VG+ 60
Very rare stoned collaboration between Brian Wilson and Dean out of Jan and Dean. Has marks but plays very well and has small deletion hole. See and hear it on our Youtube channel.
Jackie Lee - Space age lullaby/ Sleep (ICI UK 72) P/S EX/EX 15 RESERVED!
Jackie teams up with evil oil conglomerate to produce fab easy funky pop with cool drums and electronic abstractions.
Lemonade Charade - San Bernadino/ Hideaway Of Your Love (Bell UK 68) VG++ 20
Fuzzed-up crunchy hard psych rocker B side.
Estelle Levitt – All I Dream/ I Like The Way It Feels (Music Factory US 68) VG+ 45
Magical folk funk psych. Nice B side too, but Youtube won't let me upload it for some reason. Has light marks and doesn't sit quite flat, but no effect on play which is EX.
Levy And Finklestein - Sing Me Sorrow/ Never A Time (Vogue UK 69) EX 25
Great mod soul B side comped on Neurotic Reactions coupled with Procol-ish ballad. See and hear on Youtube. Rare UK copy, damage and writing on A label, see on Youtube.
Vic Lewis Orchestra - Sunshine Superman/Mellow Yellow (NEMS UK 68 Demo) cb EX 15
Two Quality versions of Donovan's classics.Comes in it's company sleeve.
John Leyton - Dancing In The Graveyard/Riversong (York UK 73) cb EX 35 RESERVED!
Superb flipside with orchestration and Wah Wah Guitar.Comped on Mixed Up Minds 7.
Lifetime - One Word/ Two Worlds (Polydor UK 71) cb VG++ 20
Intense psych prog jazz with Jack Bruce. See and hear on our Youtube channel.
J.C.Livingstone - Momma Was A Steamroller Lady/Beatiful Sunday (Penny Farthing UK 73) cb VG+ 25
Uncomped,Hard Driven' Glam Buster! This has a similar feel to "Fortune Teller".Loud Production with Heavy Drums and slide Guitar.
Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends - Election Fever/ Rock The Election (Atlantic UK 70) VG+ 15
Nice hard rockers with a stoned punky Ladbrooke Grove feel. See and hear on Youtube.
Love Affair - Speak Of Peace, Sing Of Joy/Brings My Whole World Tumbling Down (CBS UK 70 Demo) cb EX 20 NEW!!!
Moving into a more heavy Prog/Psych direction with great guitar work and flute.
Love Children - Easy Squeezy/Every Little Step (Deram UK 69) cb VG+ 15
Good catchy number with strong guitar.
Love Sculpture - River To Another Day/ Brand New Woman (Parlophone UK 68) cb EX 25 NEW!!!
Solid gold UK psych classic, and this is the best copy we've had with only one very light superficial mark under bright light stopping it being M-. A side label has a little repaired damage.
Lucifer - Fuck You/ Bad (Private UK 72) VG+ 35
Probably the deepest, darkest point of underground decadent post-psychedelic UK counter-culture on this here 45. Either a pretty radical acid-damaged anarchistic/punk attitude for 1972, or an unpleasant purile belch, depending on your view. Plays with a little noise, see and hear on Youtube.