45s S to Z

ps: picture sleeve, cb: company bag, wol: writing on lable, tol: tear on label, sol: sticker/stain on label
noc: original centre missing.


Saft - People In Motion/ Albertine Hall (Polydor UK 71) cb EX 15
Fantastic 2 sider with glam powerpop A side and a Beatlesy pop psych B side. Scarce UK copy. See and hear it on our Youtube channel.
Dick St. John - Lady Of The Burning Green Jade/ Childhood (Dot US 68) promo VG++ 85 RESERVED!
Wild and rare psychedelic freak-out masterpiece, as compiled on Angel Dust Psychedelia. B side is a Dylanish folk rocker.
Samson - Venus/Wool And Water (Parlophone UK 70 Demo) cb VG+ 50 NEW!!!
Dreamy style Pop-sike one-off Two-sider.Has a little writing on the flipside label.Both sides feature on Curiosity Shop 01.
Clive Sands - Witchi Tai To/ In A Dream (SNB UK 68) EX 20 NEW!!!
Nice pop psych 2 sider, pale blue circle on centre labels, vinyl nice. See and hear on Youtube.
Les Sauterelles - Heavenly club/ Dream machine (Decca Bel 68) p/s VG/VG+ 25
Amazing Swiss psych pop 2 sider comped on Rubble 11:Adventures In the Mist,Electric Sugarcube Flashbacks 2 & The British Psychedelic Trip 3.
Hank Schifter - Long John/ How and When (Liberty UK 69) cb VG+ 35
Rare folk funk with dreamy psych meanderings on the B side. Very rare. See and hear both sides on or Youtube channel.
John Schroeder Orchestra - Witchi-Tai-To/Smooth Heat (Pye UK 71 Demo) cb EX 15
Classy rare two-sider featuring vocals on the topside and quality instro on the flipside.
Second Coming - I Feel Free/ She Has Funny Cars (Steady US 69) VG 15
Fantastic version of the JA song with a cool extended psych-out ending.
Shadows Of Knight - Oh Yeah/Light Bulb Blues (Atlantic UK 66) WOL VG+ 25
Superb Garage Two-sider.Rare Loud UK pressing.Has some small writing on the labels.
Shadows Of Knight - Shake/From Way Out To Way Under (Buddah UK 68) cb EX 45 NEW!!!
Storming Mod/Garage topside and cool instro on the flipside.Comped on Blow Up.
Shakane - Jenny/Gang Man (United Artists/Rockfield UK 76 Demo) EX 45 NEW!!!
Explosive Boogie Glam Flipside which seems to be uncompiled.
Sharks - Goodbye Lorene/Funkology (RCA UK 68) cb EX 20
Swinging full on Hammond sounds on the flipside.Comped on Return Of The Instro-Hipsters Vol 2.
She Trinity - Hair/Climb That Tree (President UK 70) EX 30
Weird and Bonkers flipside which has Killer guitar going into meltdown.Comped on Girls With Guitars 2:Dream Babes 6:Sassy and Stonefree,Looking Back,Sometimes I Wonder & The Electric Lemonade Acid Test Vol 1.See and hear it on our Youtube channel.
Shepperton Flames - Take Me For What I Am/Goodbye (Deram UK 69) cb EX 25
Mike Berry produced garage flipside features farfisa organ,manic vocals and added crowd screaming.Has a promo stamp on both sides of the labels.Comped on Rare 60's Beat Treasures Vol 6 & Visions Of The Past 3.
Shere Khan - Little Louise/No Reason (Tepee UK 69 Demo) EX- 260 NEW!!!
Obscure two sided Psych beauty which appears on the small Tepee label.Has a date stamp of 5 Sep 1969 on the A' label side.Comped on Le Beat Bespoke 02, Psychedelia & Try A Little Sunshine.
Sherman - If You Could Read My Mind/Find My Way Back Home (Pye UK 72 Demo) EX- 35 NEW!!!
Great value Two-sider.Shaft style Arrangement of the Gordon Lightfoot classic on the topside.Funky,Fuzzy,Rockin' Flipside.
Shubert - Until The Rains Come/ Let Your Love Go (Fontana UK 68) cb EX 50 NEW!!!
Great mod pop dancer A side, coupled with decent swinging 60s pop. See and hear on Youtube.
Lucas Sideras - One Day/Rising Sun (Polydor UK 72) cb VG+ 25 NEW!!!
Rare UK copy of this fantastic double-sider from the Aphrodite's Child sticksman.
Silver Eagle - Theodore/True As A Bright Lie (MGM UK 67 Demo) VG+ 20
Obscure one-off Harmony Pop-sike Two-sider.Does have a small mark on the flipside which sounds halfway during the song.Comped on We Can Fly 5.
Nina Simone - To be young,gifted and black/Save Me (RCA UK 69) EX 15
Great two sider from one of the finest singers ever!
Ray Singer - What's Done Has Been Done/ Won't It Be Fine (Ember UK 66) cb VG 35
Advertised as 'the most blasted sound of the year' and it's hard to argue, wild jazzy freakbeat. Vinyl looks pretty nice but has low level background noise that is mostly drowned out by the music. Company bag has some tears. See and hear on Youtube.
Sisters - Kick your boots off/ Driving me home (Bell UK 73) EX 20
Brilliant heavyweight glam stomper - one of the classics.Comped on Velvet Tinmine.
John Small - Can't Nobody See My Face/ A Woman Who Can Shake My Mind (Tangerine) (Famous UK 70) VG+ 12
Nice 2 sider, with somg strong guitar on the B side. Slight damage to labels and some marks, but plays great. See and hear both sides on our Youtube channel.
Small Faces - Patterns/E Too D (Decca UK 67) cb VG+ 45
Their Final Decca Release which Flopped but as all their releases is a superb Two-sider.
Small Faces - Afterglow Of Your Love/Wham Bam Thank You Man (Immediate UK 69) cb M- 25
Top Copy of their Final 45.Lovely Push Out Centre Lilac Label.No need to Upgrade.
Small Wonder - Ordinary Boy/Ride A Black Sheep (Dawn UK 74 Demo) cb VG+ 35 NEW!!!
Glam one-off 45 which borrows the T.Rex 'Jeepster' riff.Comped on Glitter From The Litter Bin & Three Day Week:When The Lights Go Out 1972-1975.
Smash – El garrotin/ Tangos de ketama (Omega NL? 70?) VG/VG 15
Great psych/ latin crossover with fuzzy guitars and wah wah. Plays well.
Soft Machine - Joy Of A Toy/ Why Are We Sleeping? (Probe US 68) cb VG+ 15
Not released in The UK and hardly hit material from one of the leading lights of the UK psych underground at the time.
Softs - Kassie Kijken/ Paarse Broek (Omega NL 66) cb p/s? VG 75 RESERVED!
Raw and primitive seminal Dutch freakbeat punk pop-art blast. Titles translate as 'Watching Telly' and 'Purple Trousers' and group was originaly known as 'Softenons' which was pretty controversial given that was a trade name for Thalidamide. Only 500 copies originally pressed, this is a very rare underground Nederbeat crown jewel. Comes with wraparound sleeve that could be original or a very good colour copy, but priced as a copy. Also has company bag.
Songbird - Sweet Elaine/Spread The Word (MAM UK 71 Demo) cb EX 20
Rare UK copy of this Rocker which has a Funky feel.Comped on Rare 60's Beat Treasures Vol 6.
Soul On Delivery - Hustle (Dance Of The Day)/Crescent Boogie (Decca UK 75) cb EX 20
Great Funky Easy Two-sider with cool vocal and Drum Breaks.
Soul Survivors - Expressway To Your Heart/Hey Gyp (Stateside UK 67) cb EX 25
Great value two-sider which various artists have covered.
Sounds Bob Rogers - Among My Souvenirs/Dream With Me (CBS UK 67 Demo) cb EX 20
Harmony West Coast feel Pop-sike nugget.Comped on Piccadilly Sunshine 5.
Spectrum - London Bridge Is Coming Down/Tables and Chairs (RCA UK 68) cb M- 25
Again contains Monstrous Fuzz Guitar on this swinging London Number.Hard too find especially in this condition.Comped on Piccadilly Sunshine Vol 3.
Spectrum - I'll Be Gone/Launching Place-Part 11 (Parlophone UK 70 Demo) cb EX- 45
Obscure Aussie Prog Rockers come up with this Funky Flip Organ gem.
Spirit - I Got A Line On You/She Smiles (CBS UK 69) cb VG- 15
Rare UK stock copy of this driving Psych Rocker.Has quite a few marks,but plays well.
Spirit Of John Morgan - The Floating Opera Show/Never Let Go (RCA UK 71 Demo) cb EX 15
Moody Flipside which has some nice guitar fills.
Spirogyra - I Hear You're Going Somewhere (Joe Really)/Old Boot Wine (Polydor UK 73) cb WOL 60 NEW!!!
Scarce 45 which is catchy Psych/Folk with some great flute.Has some writing in biro on the topside label.
Staccatos - Half Past Midnight/ Weatherman (Capitol UK 67) cb EX 25
Boisterous sunchine psych pop delight. Top copy, see and hear on Youtube.
Stackwaddy - You Really Got Me/Willie The Pimp (Dandelion UK 72) EX 25
Bruising Heavy Proto Punk versions of The Ray Davies/Frank Zappa classics.
Stavely Makepeace - (I Wanna Love You Like A) Mad Dog/Greasy Haired Woman (Pyramid UK 69) VG+ 15
Catchy tune with loads of phasing.
Steve And Stevie - Merry-Go-Round/ Remains To Be Seen (Toast UK 68) VG++ 15 NEW!!!
Well-crafted pop psych 2 sider on tiny label. Name on A side label.
Mike Stevens and the Shevells - Guaranteed to drive you wild/ Hog tied (Polydor UK 68) cb VG+ 12
Huge production weirdo mod /pop sike crossover A side coupled with cool mod soul dancer with nice fuzzy guitar injections.
Peter Lee Stirling - You Don't Live Twice/8.35 On The Dot (Decca UK 67 Demo) cb VG+ 45 RESERVED!
Great Fuzzy pounding flipside with superb lyrics.Comped on The Psychedelic Trip 4.
Peter Lee Stirling - Goodbye Thimblemill Lane/Hey Conductor (Decca UK 67 Demo) cb VG+ 40 NEW!!!
Brilliant Pop-sike two-sider.
Stoics - Earth, Fire, Air And Water/ Search For The Sea (RCA UK 68) cb EX 25 RESERVED!
Very underrated 45 by this Scottish band, with a great B side that reminds me of Andwella's Dream and nice pop sike A side too. Feast your eyes and ears on Youtube.
Simon T. Stokes - Big City Blues/ Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction (HBR US 66) cb EX 40
Classic paranoid bad trip garage with some genius lyrics. He released several versions of this, but this is the best. B side mines a similar doomy furrow. See and hear on Youtube.
Stony Brook People - Easy To Be Hard/There's Tomorrow (CBS UK 69 Demo) cb EX 35
Female fronted Fuzz'N'Organ Rocker with blasting brass.Comped on Realistic Patterns 2.
Stormy Petrel - Hello, Hello, Hello/ The Light Of Day (CBS UK 71) demo cb VG+ 25
Stunning creation from pop psych geniuses Carter/Lewis. A few marks but plays great. See and hear on Youtube.
Strawberry Children - Love Years Coming/ One Stands Here (Liberty UK 67) cb VG 15 NEW!!!
Glorious sunshine pop 2 sider with psych lite overtones. Vinyl looks nice, but A side plays with some static here and there, hence grade. Really good dreamy instro B side.
Strawbs - Oh How She Changed/Or Am I Dreaming (A&M UK 68) VG+ 25
Beautiful Psych Two-sider which was their first and hardest 45 to track down.
Sugarloaf - Green-eyed lady/ West of tomorrow (Liberty UK 70) VG+ 15 NEW!!!
Hard edged funky rockers with a West Coast feel.
Sugar Shoppe - Skip Along Sam/ Let The Truth Come Out (Capitol UK 68) cb VG+ 20 NEW!!!
Sunshine funky pop psych B side with some killer guitar on this scarce UK stock pressing. Nice chirpy harmony pop A side too.
Sunchariot - Rosemarie/Do You Wanna Know (Decca UK 72 Demo) EX 20
Gutsy Rocker which has a great guitar break on the flipside.Comped on A Visit To The Spaceship Factory.
Sun Dragon - Five White Horses/Look At The Sun (MGM UK 68 Demo) VG++ 125 RESERVED!
Superb Phased 45 which should have been a huge hit.Comped on Piccadilly Sunshine 17 & Real Life Permanent Dreams.See and Hear on our Youtube channel.
Sunshine Kid - My Linda/Get Your Rocks Off Baby (RCA UK 73) cb EX 50 NEW!!!
Chris Hodge alias the Sunshine Kid creates this Glammy monster with fantastic arrangement.Comped on Electric Asylum 4.
Sweet - All You'll Ever Get From Me/The Juicer (Parlophone R 5826 UK 70) cb VG+ 30
The Sweet's B'sides are always the standout tracks which this is no exception.Great Funky Rocker with Andy Scott's superb guitar and Steve Priest's Bass.This is the rarer first pressing.
Sweetcorn - (We Can) Work Together/Carpet Ride (Pye UK 71 Demo) cb EX 20
Harmony style vocals in the same vein as the Fifth Dimension.Has a funky feel to it some nice percussion and guitar.Comped on Mixed Up Minds 11.
Sweet Marriage - Childplay/ Bitter Wind (Metronome Ger 69) P/S VG++/ VG++ 25
Great pop psych A side with great version of the Moby Grape tune on the B. Only 45 by this Manchester band and only released in Germany. Superficial scuffs to vinyl and couple of tiny tears and a small ink circle on sleeve. See and hear on Youtube.
Sweetwater - Uncle Tom/ Apple Pie (Polydor UK 72) cb VG+ 25
Excellent funky prog popper with some wild Hammond and fuzzed guitars and nice trippy psych last minute or so. This is actually pretty hard to find. Listen to it on our Youtube channel.
Syn - Created By Clive/ Grounded (Deram UK 67) cb VG- 60 RESERVED!
Visually slightly lesser condition copy to the last one we had, but like that one this plays really well, a lot better than the grade.
Tales - Someone Like You/Rockin' Suzanna (MAM UK 73 Demo) cb EX 20
Obscure one-off 45 which has a great Stones sounding flipside.
Tangerine Zoo - One More Heartache/ Trip To The Zoo (Mainstream US 68) promo VG++ 25 NEW!!!
Great garage mod A side, with garage psych B side.
Tea - Good Times/Judy (Vertigo UK 74) cb EX 15
Hard Rockin' 45 which is very catchy with heavy drums and guitar.
Tiffany Shade - Won't You Take My Mind Out For A Walk/ One Good Reason (Mainstream JP 68) VG- 15 NEW!!!
Undocumented Japanese press of their great psych pop debut 45. Marked A side, but plays well. B side has a nastly looking mark at start but plays through ok. See and hear on Youtbe.
Tiger - I Am An Aminal/Stop That Machine (United Artists UK 75 Demo) EX 40 NEW!!!
Full on Glamtastic Sounds which goes along at breakneck speed.Comped on Blitzing The Ballroom.
Mike Tingley - A Real Fine Time/ Monotony's Message (Decca NL 68) VG-/ VG++ 50
Deep psych folk dark deliberations from American released only in Holland. Sleeve has wear, sticker tear on front and split left hand seam. Vinyl superficial marks, plays great. See and hear on Youtube.
Titus Groan - Open The Door Homer/ Woman of The World/ Liverpool (Dawn UK 71) VG 15
Great funky prog rock B side, decent prog pop A sides. Plays with some noise here and there, hence price and grade, but still a great listen. See and hear on Youtube.
Toast - Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall/ Summer Of Miranda (CBS UK 70) demo cb VG+ 25 NEW!!!
Great big beat baroque prog pop A side, coupled with Fading Yellow compiled sunshine pop sike beauty. A few light clicks at start of A side, otherwise plays perfect. Name on label.
Town Criers - Living In A World Of Love/ Roundabout (Festival Oz 70) cb VG++ 25
Killer mod psych pop dancer B side with some very cool psychy guitar effects, while the B side is a sunshine pop mover. See and hear both sides on our Youtube page.
Traffic Sound - Virgen/ Tell The World Im Alive (Mag Peru 69) cb VG- 45 NEW!!!
One of their rarest and two beautiful tracks from their classic Virgin LP. As usual for Peruvian 45s this looks a bit of a mess, but actually plays quite nicely with odd bits of noise. See and hear on Youtube.
Trane - Waggoner's Walk/Jenny's Song/Ragged Bird/Mansion Of Cards (BBC UK 71) cb VG+ 20
Superb Value 4 track EP.All The tracks have a Fading Yellow sound to them.Mansion of Cards is the standout.Comped on Mixed Up Minds.
Transformer - The Sun Comes Up Each Day/ Evening Song (Elektra US 68) promo cb EX 25
Fascinating 2 sider of baroque psych Americana. See and hear on Youtube.
Troggs - Everything's Funny/Feels Like A Woman (Pye UK 72) cb VG+ 20
The Andover's Finest Flipside with snarling guitar and hypnotic beat.Comped on Freakbeat Freakout.
Troggs - Strange Movies/I'm On Fire (Pye UK 73 Demo) cb VG+ 25
The hits might have dried up for the Andover boys,but this has to rate as their most powerful two-sider.
Troy - My Friend The Scarecrow/ Emma May Kingston (Columbia UK 68) demo cb VG++ 25
Very obscure and rare 2 sided pop sike adventure by Troy Dante.
True Adventure - Where The Roxy Used To Be/Outlaw Love (Decca UK 74) cb VG+ 20
Amazing recent discovery which is a glam guitar funky,rockin'Groover! Comped on Blitzing the Ballroom.
Twice As Nice - Going Places/Follow Me Round/Have You Been A Long Way (CAE UK 74) EX- 25 NEW!!!
Original release on the tiny Norwich independent based CAE label.Two of the tracks appear on Mixed Up Minds 11.
Two And A Half - Suburban Early Morning Station/Just Couldn't Believe My Ears (Decca UK 67 Demo) cb VG+ 30
Superb Harmony Pop-sike which is similar in style to the Hollies.Comped on Rubble 6:The Clouds Have Groovy Faces.
Two Of Each - Trust/ Trinity Street (Pye UK 68) demo cb EX 50 NEW!!!
Glorious sunshine pop perfection with some psychedelic complexity and impossible to get out of your head after playing. Decent harmony pop B side too. Nice vinyl, some marker pen on label.
U.F.O. - Shake It About/Evil (Beacon UK 70) cb VG+ 30
Heavy Duty 1st 45 which is a superb Two-sider.Comped on A Visit To The Spaceship Factory.See and Hear it on our YouTube Channel.
Ulysses Smith - Jet Aeroplane/The Next Train In the Morning (RCA UK 68 Demo) EX 20
Intresting one-off 45 which has a Soulful/Funky Flipside which deserves to be comped.
Utopia Carwash - Loneliness/ Wait And See (South Grape Street Records Inc US 69) EX 45
Trippy one-off psych 45 with amazing guitar ejaculations and in lovely nick. See and hear on out Youtube channel.
Bobby Vee - (I'm Into Lookin' For)Someone To Love Me/Sunrise Highway (Liberty UK 69) cb EX- 20
Similar to Del Shannon in that they both made some great later Liberty recordings.This is no exception and features superb Organ,fuzz guitar and funky percussion.
Martha Velez - Tell Mama/ Swamp Man (London UK 69) cb VG++ 20
Dynamite female funky hard rockers, see and hear on Youtube.#
Velvet Mist - Rock 'N Roll Band/ Bye Bye Johnny (Tank UK 75) VG+ 15 NEW!!!
Really nice private press melodic rocker with some great fluid guitar runs, harmonies and just a prety cool song. B side is a mid 70s update of the old rock and roll standard. See and hear it on our Youtube channel.
Villiers & Gold - Of All The Little Girls/This East (Polydor UK 68) cb EX 40 RESERVED!
Andrew Gold of 'Lonely Boy' fame comes up with this well crafted Pop Psych two-sider.Comped on Cornflake Zoo 10 & Piccadilly Sunshine 9.
Walls Ice Cream EP.Iveys/James Taylor/Jackie Lomax - Little Yellow Pill/Mary Hopkin - (Apple UK 69) P/S EX/EX 50 NEW!!!
The Jackie Lomax track is the winner here and has been played to Mod dancefloors for some years now.This copy does have the Picture Sleeve which is in great condition.
Gary Walker - She makes me feel better/ Twinkie Lee (CBS UK 66 Demo) cb EX 25
Fuzzy mod pop verging on freakbeat by ex Walker Bros man.Hard too find Demo copy.
Walrus - Never Gonna Let My Body Touch The Ground/Why (Deram UK 71) cb EX 25
Funky Hip Hop style drums kick this 45' off in fine style.Also supported by Horns and heavy guitar.
Warm Sounds - Nite Is A Comin'/ Smeta Murgaty (Deram UK 68) cb VG- 40 NEW!!!
Full on UK psych mod blaster A side and absolutely brilliant, with a B side that takes the psychedelia to another level. Lots and lots of marks. I suspect this has spent most of its life outside it's sleeve, but it's a very loud 45 and plays really well.
Cliff Warwick & The Dollybeats - Sindy/ Sindy meets the Dollybeats (Pedigree Dolls UK 66) P/S VG+/VG+ 12
Surprisingly switched-on swinging mod beat with some ferocious pumping organ and go-go girls backing vocals. Barbie who?
Weather - Look In My Eyes/Running Forwards (Out Of Love) (Philips UK 68) cb EX 35 NEW!!!
Some great crunching Fuzz guitar on the flipside.Comped on Piccadilly Sunshine 9.
West Coast Consortium - Colour Sergeant Lillywhite/Lady From Baltimore (Pye UK 68) cb EX 110 RESERVED!
Amazing period Pop-sike Two-sider.This is a superb stock copy.Comped on Curiosity Shop 4,Psychedelic Pstones 2:Haunted,Psychedelic Sixties,Real Life Permanent Dreams & We Can Fly 2.
Mae West - Day Tripper/Twist And Shout (Stateside UK 66) cb VG+ 20
"Yeah Gimme Some More" breathes Mae in this Sexy Fab Covers Two-sider.
Mae West - Great Balls Of Fire/Men (MGM UK 72) cb EX 12
Jerry Lee's classic gets a Mae makeover.Its the Flip which is more intresting with some great drums and guitar.Fantastic Club Sound.
West Coast Delegation - Reach The Top/Mister Personality Man (Deram UK 67) cb WOL VG+ 15
Stax Flavoured Psych Stomper.Has the number '30' written in biro twice on the topside label.Comped on Piccadilly Sunshine 4.
Whales - Come Down Little Bird/Beachcomber (CBS UK 68 Demo) cb EX- 25 NEW!!!
Harmony Pop-sike produced by the great Mark Wirtz.Comped on Piccadilly Sunshine 15.
Wheels - Take Me Home Country Roads/She Don't Mean It (Decca UK 71 Demo) EX 25
The Flipside is a funky Number with some nice organ and guitar.Comped on Electric Asylum 3.
Whichwhat - Gimme good lovin'/ Wonderland of love (Beacon UK 69) VG+ 20
Decent version of A side, but B side is an even better powerful funky psych popper.Comped on Rare 60's Beat Treasures Vol 6.
Whichwhat – In the year 2525/ Parting (Beacon UK 69) EX 25
Very sought after for the modish prog rock B side.Comped on "Lovin' Fire".
Ian Whitcomb - Sally Sails The Sky/Groovy Day (Stateside UK 67) SOL EX 20
Pop-Sike Nugget with some great Mellotron.Very Rarely turns up as a UK copy.Has a Factory Sample sticker on the Topside.Comped on Piccadilly Sushine Vol 5.
White Plains - Dad You Saved The World/Beachcomber (Deram UK 72 Demo) EX 50
Beautiful Psych/Prog Dreamy Flipside.This is a top copy which is really hard too find.Comped on Mixed Up Minds 13.
Who - The Last Time/Under My Thumb (Track UK 67) VG+ 35
Great Loud copy of this Two sided 45 which was released to support Mick & Keef who were being held on drug charges.
Windows - How Do You Do/Nobody's Baby (Polydor UK 72) cb EX 15
German group who only released two 45's in the UK.Great sounding rocker with some strong guitar.Comped on Neurotic Reactions.
Winston - I Won't Let Anna Go/Brother Jim (York UK 74 Demo) cb VG+ 25
Great value obscure Two-sider.Rocky,Glam topside with plenty of guitar fills.The Flipside is more keyboard driven Pop-sike.Comes in it's York 'Flowery' sleeve.
Mark Wirtz - (He's Our Dear Old) Weatherman/ Possum's Dance (Parlophone UK 68) demo cb VG+ 25 NEW!!!
Riotous psych pop kitchen sink psychodrama from Mark Wirtz, a real effect-laden period classic. Some marks, a little noise on dead wax run-in, otherwise A side plays great. B side plays with a little noise.
World Column - Midnite Thoughts/ Lantern Gospel (Atco US 68) promo VG+ 30
Deep psychedelic B side, nice sitar psych soul A side. Some marks, plays with minimal noise. See and hear on Youtube.
Yardbirds - Happenings Ten Years Time Ago/Psycho Daisies (Columbia UK 66) cb VG- 10
Duel Guitar shootout between Beck & Page.Has a bit of crackle,but it is a powerful 45 and it does not spoil the sound.Comped on Acid Drops,Spacedust and Flying Saucers.
K.G.Young - Spider/Spider Woogie 9TH Movement (CBS UK 69) cb EX 25
Kenny Young produces this gem which also was covered by Clodagh Rodgers and Jefferson.Comped on Piccadilly Sunshine 2.
Zappatta Schmidt - You got the love/ Someone in the crowd (President UK 70) demo VG 15
Great heavy funk psych crossover B' side.Superficial marks,plays very well.Comped on Psych Bites 2.
Zappo - Rock And Roll Crazy/Right On! (Magnet UK 73) cb M 15
Unplayed copy of this Peter Shelley & Marty Wilde Glamtastic Two-sider.Comped on Glam Sandwich & Electro Flares,Glam-O-Rama 2 & Killed By Glam.
Zior - Cat's Eyes/ I Really Do (Nepentha UK 71) VG+ 20
Hard prog 2 sider, with a particularly great percussion heavy B side. See and hear it on our Youtube channel.
Zior – Strange Kind Of Magic/ Have You Heard The Wind Speak (Intercord Ger 73) VG/ EX 25
Heavy doom prog 2 sider which gets pretty psychy on the B side by Brit band but only released in Germany. Sleeve has general wear to opening but isn't too bad, record very nice.
Zipper - Streak Up And Down/Funk 74 (Youngblood UK 74) EX 20
Ignore the novelty A'side and listen to the superb flip.Has a slight Mod feel to it with fantastic guitar and organ solos.
Zips - Bye Bye Love/Evil Hearted Woman (RAK UK 75) cb EX 15
Chunky Rocker with phased guitar and organ.