45s S to Z

ps: picture sleeve, cb: company bag, wol: writing on lable, tol: tear on label, sol: sticker/stain on label
noc: original centre missing.


Saft - People In Motion/ Albertine Hall (Polydor UK 71) cb EX 15
Fantastic 2 sider with glam powerpop A side and a Beatlesy pop psych B side. Scarce UK copy. See and hear it on our Youtube channel.
Samson - Venus/Wool And Water (Parlophone UK 70 Demo) cb VG+ 50
Dreamy style Pop-sike one-off Two-sider.Has a little writing on the flipside label.Both sides feature on Curiosity Shop 01.
Sandgate - A Thousand Years/Such A Sad Song (Dawn UK 75 Demo) cb EX- 15
Intresting one-off 45 which is a quality two-sider.Comped on Prog-Rock Portal.
Clive Sands - Witchi Tai To/ In A Dream (SNB UK 68) EX 20
Nice pop psych 2 sider, pale blue circle on centre labels, vinyl nice. See and hear on Youtube.
Peter Sarsted - I Must Go On/Mary Jane (Island UK 67) cb EX- 40
Is the flipside warning about the dangers of smoking the evil weed or visiting a famous dominatrix? This is the three pronged copy.Comped on With The Sun In My Eyes.
Hank Schifter - Long John/ How and When (Liberty UK 69) cb VG+ 35
Rare folk funk with dreamy psych meanderings on the B side. Very rare. See and hear both sides on or Youtube channel.
Nicky Scott - Backstreet Girl/Chain Reaction (Immmediate UK 67) cb EX- 60
Great version of the Stones album track on the topside and Mod original flipside.Comped on Curiosity Shop 6.
Dave Sealey - It Takes A Thief/Put Your Head On My Shoulder And Cry (DJM UK 69 Demo) cb EX 35
Dramatic Sounds with plenty of bongo action.Was this used as a programme Theme?
Searchers - Secondhand Dealer/Crazy Dreams (Pye UK 67 Demo) cb SOL VG+ 75 NEW!!!
"Sittin' Up Here In The Sky, I Don't Care 'Cos I'm High" backed by brilliant funky drums and guitar.Has a small white sticker just below the A' side label with '16-67' typed on it.Comped on Psychedelic Pstones 2:Haunted, Psychedelic Sixties & Ripples 3.
Second Coming - I Feel Free/ She Has Funny Cars (Steady US 69) VG 15
Fantastic version of the JA song with a cool extended psych-out ending.
Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard/Try To Understand (Vocalion UK 66) cb SOL EX- 75
Nice UK press of this American garage classic.The flipside label has a small white sticker with the number 162 written over it.Comped on Nuggets.
Sensations - Let's Get A Little Sentimental/Oh My Eli (MCA UK 71) cb EX 40
This band were originally called Heatwave and cooked up this superb Funky flipside.Comped on Electric Asylum 3.
Shadows Of Knight - Oh Yeah/Light Bulb Blues (Atlantic UK 66) WOL VG+ 25
Superb Garage Two-sider.Rare Loud UK pressing.Has some small writing on the labels.
Shadows Of Knight - Bad Little Woman/Gospel Zone (Atlantic UK 66) EX 80 NEW!!!
Classic Garage Punk two-sider which is the rarer, Louder UK pressing.Comped on Nuggets.
Shadows Of Knight - Someone Like Me/ Three For Love (Atlantic UK 68) VG++ 60 RESERVED!
Dance floor dynamite and my personal favourite by them, coupled with brilliant B side too. A few marks, biro cross and thin rub mark on A side label.
Shakane - Jenny/Gang Man (United Artists UK 76 Demo) VG+ 30
Terrific pounding Glam flipside with killer guitar.
Shakespeares - Burning My Fingers/ Something To Believe In (RCA Fr 68) P/S VG+/ EX 25
Great mod psych 2 sider by Brit band based in Belgium. Decent French p/s copy with some writing on back sleeve and labels.
Shames - Greenburg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith & Jones/The Warm (CBS UK 68 Demo) cb VG+ 30
Brilliant production which includes superb Phasing.Comped on Psychedelic Voyage.
Sharks - Goodbye Lorene/Funkology (RCA UK 68) cb EX 20
Swinging full on Hammond sounds on the flipside.Comped on Return Of The Instro-Hipsters Vol 2.
She Trinity - Hair/Climb That Tree (President UK 70) EX 30
Weird and Bonkers flipside which has Killer guitar going into meltdown.Comped on Girls With Guitars 2:Dream Babes 6:Sassy and Stonefree,Looking Back,Sometimes I Wonder & The Electric Lemonade Acid Test Vol 1.See and hear it on our Youtube channel.
Shepperton Flames - Take Me For What I Am/Goodbye (Deram UK 69) cb EX 25
Mike Berry produced garage flipside features farfisa organ,manic vocals and added crowd screaming.Has a promo stamp on both sides of the labels.Comped on Rare 60's Beat Treasures Vol 6 & Visions Of The Past 3.
Sherman - If You Could Read My Mind/Find My Way Back Home (Pye UK 72 Demo) EX- 35
Great value Two-sider.Shaft style Arrangement of the Gordon Lightfoot classic on the topside.Funky,Fuzzy,Rockin' Flipside.
Shotgun Express - I Could Feel The Whole World Turn Round/Curtains (Columbia UK 66) EX 110
Supergroup Mod Two-sider 45.This is the four prong centre copy.Comped on My Generation & Take My Tip.
Shubert - Until The Rains Come/ Let Your Love Go (Fontana UK 68) cb EX 50
Great mod pop dancer A side, coupled with decent swinging 60s pop. See and hear on Youtube.
Shy Limbs - Reputation/Love (CBS UK 69) cb VG+ 75
Amazing Majestic Double-sided Psych classic.Has some light marks, but plays great! Comped on Acid Drops, Spacedust And Flying Saucers, Circus Days 3, Love Poetry And Revolution, Perfumed Garden & Try A Little Sunshine.
Lucas Sideras - One Day/Rising Sun (Polydor UK 72) cb VG+ 25
Rare UK copy of this fantastic double-sider from the Aphrodite's Child sticksman.
Sight And Sound - Ebenezer/Our Love (Is In The Pocket) (Fontana UK 68) SOL EX 35
Fantastic Club/Soul flipside.Does have small stickers on both sides which have the numbers '6664'.Comped on Early Morning Sun.
Sight And Sound - Alley, Alley/Little Jackie Monday (Fontana UK 68) cb EX 35
Confident,Explosive Pop-sike two-sider.Comped on Fairytales Can Come True Vol 3, Piccadilly Sunshines 5 & 14.
Sight And Sound - Jose/ Jackie (Pye UK 70) demo cb EX 25
Fascinating A side, with psychy verses, catchy chorus and some distorted guitar surprises. Still largely unknown and still not compiled. B side is a suave harmony popper compiled on a Ripples.
Silver Eagle - Theodore/True As A Bright Lie (MGM UK 67 Demo) VG+ 20
Obscure one-off Harmony Pop-sike Two-sider.Does have a small mark on the flipside which sounds halfway during the song.Comped on We Can Fly 5.
Nina Simone - To be young,gifted and black/Save Me (RCA UK 69) EX 15
Great two sider from one of the finest singers ever!
Ray Singer - What's Done Has Been Done/ Won't It Be Fine (Ember UK 66) cb VG 35
Advertised as 'the most blasted sound of the year' and it's hard to argue, wild jazzy freakbeat. Vinyl looks pretty nice but has low level background noise that is mostly drowned out by the music. Company bag has some tears. See and hear on Youtube.
Sisters - Kick your boots off/ Driving me home (Bell UK 73) EX 20
Brilliant heavyweight glam stomper - one of the classics.Comped on Velvet Tinmine.
Small Faces - Patterns/E Too D (Decca UK 67) cb EX 55 NEW!!!
Nice clean copy of their explosive final 45 on Decca.
John Small - Can't Nobody See My Face/ A Woman Who Can Shake My Mind (Tangerine) (Famous UK 70) VG+ 12
Nice 2 sider, with somg strong guitar on the B side. Slight damage to labels and some marks, but plays great. See and hear both sides on our Youtube channel.
Small Wonder - Ordinary Boy/Ride A Black Sheep (Dawn UK 74 Demo) cb VG+ 35
Glam one-off 45 which borrows the T.Rex 'Jeepster' riff.Comped on Glitter From The Litter Bin & Three Day Week:When The Lights Go Out 1972-1975.
Smokestack Lightnin' – Light In My Window/ Long Stemmed Eyes (Bell UK 68) demo cb VG+ 12 NEW!!!
Nice heavy psych rocker A side. Labels have a little wear. B side, a long dull country tune, has some noise.
Strawbs - Oh How She Changed/Or Am I Dreaming (A&M UK 68) EX 30
Brilliant first 45 which has amazing production by Gus Dudgeon.
Stud Leather - Cut Loose/Emma Louise (Dart UK 73) EX 75
Super solid centre copy of this explosive glam two-sider.Comped on All The Young Droogs, Bonehead Crunchers 3 : Big Boobs Boogie, Bubblerock Is Here To Stay, Mixed Up Minds 5, Three Day Week : When The Lights Go Out 1972 - 1975.
Jim Sullivan Sound - She Walks Through The Fair/ Don't Know What I'm Doing (Mercury UK 66) cb EX 35 NEW!!!
Very groovy psychy sitar and beat version of the old folk tune. More sitar and tablas on the more trad Indian sounding B side.
Sunshine Kid - My Linda/Get Your Rocks Off Baby (RCA UK 73 Demo) cb VG+ 40
Catchy Glam cruncher with some fantastic arrangements.Comped on Electric Asylum 4.
Svensk - You/ All I Have To Do Is Dream (Page One UK 67) cb EX 25
Their second and finakl 45 and rarer of the two. Dreamy harmony pop psych A side, coupled with interesting updated take on the Everly's hit. Has old Bond Street record shop stamp on A side label.
Sylvester's Juke Box - Juke Box/Guess It's Because (CBS UK 73) cb EX- 60
Rare UK release Kim Larsen off-shoot project.This is the four prong centre copy.
Tages - There's A Blind Man Playin' Fiddle In The Street/ Like A Woman (Parlophone UK 68) cb EX 40 NEW!!!
Rare UK pressed pop psych 2 sider by Swedish gods, with non-LP A side and a B side from their 'Studio' masterpiece. Top copy.
Sharon Tandy - Hold On/Daughter Of The Sun (Atlantic UK 68) cb EX- 100 NEW!!!
Two explosive sides featuring the mighty Fleur De Lys.Comped on Rubble 8:All The Colours Of Darkness & Visions Of The Past 2.
Tangerine Peel - Every Christian Lion-Hearted Man Will Show You/ Trapped (UA UK 67) demo co bag VG 25 NEW!!!
Great 2 sider with spooky mellotron psych A side and fuzz mod psych B side. A side has a few small marks and plays with pops at start and a few later on, B side plays better with the odd click.
Thumper - Montreal/ Same (A&M US 68) VG+ 20 RESERVED!
Pounding funky psych rocker. One side has red pen (side shown on Youtube clip), other label clean. Plays same track both sides, a little noise.
Tiger - I Am An Aminal/Stop That Machine (United Artists UK 75 Demo) VG+ 30
Obscure catchy Glam two-sider.Comped on Blitzing The Ballroom.
Toby Jug - Breakaway Man/Brotherhood (Decca UK 71 Demo) cb EX 40 NEW!!!
Quality Two-sider which was their only 45.Comped on Mixed Up Minds 1 & 3.
Trane - Waggoner's Walk EP (BBC UK 71) cb VG 15
The standout is Mansion of Cards, with nice moog washes, but other tracks of nice folky pop too. Some noise here and there.
Troggs - Lost Girl/The Yella in Me (CBS UK 66) cb EX 40 NEW!!!
Amazing debut 45 from one of the greatest bands ever! Even contains a blistering guitar break.Comped on Maximum Freakbeat and Nuggets II.
Troggs - Strange Movies/I'm On Fire (Pye UK 73 Demo) cb EX 20 NEW!!!
The Andover boys were still producing great songs in the seventies.This is a double-sided killer! Comped on Oh! You Pretty Things & Three Day Week:When The Lights Go Out 1972-1975.
Truth - Seuno/Old Ma Brown (Decca UK 68 Demo) cb EX 80
Brilliant Who style version of The Young Rascals classic.Comped on Rubble 14 : The Magic Rocking Horse.
Tuesday - Big Mr. Little Man/Sewing Machine (Pye UK 72 Demo) cb EX- 35
Great value two-sider.Heavy glam on the topside and slow dreamy Psych flipside.Has a very slight warp that does not effect play.Comped on Beyond The Pale Horizon, Electric Asylum 4, Fading Yellow 5, Psychedelic Pstones 4:Under The Silent Tree, Shindig!...We Set The Scene & Tea And Symphony.
Tuesday's Children - High On A Hill/Summer Leaves Me With A Sigh (Columbia UK 66 Demo) cb EX 60
Crashing Fuzz flipside.Comped on A Slight Disturbance In My Mind & Spaced Out : The Story Of Mushroom Records.
Two And A Half - Surburban Early Morning Station/Just Couldn't Believe My Ears (Decca UK 67 Demo) cb EX- 45
Brilliant harmony Pop-sike two-sider.Comped on Rubble 6 : The Clouds Have Groovy Faces.
Paul Vigrass - Stop/Like It Never Was (RCA UK 70 Demo) cb EX+ 60
Quality Baroque sound two-sider.Comped on Fading Yellows 9 & 12, My World Of Make Believe, Take A Mind Excursion & Tea And Symphony.
Mike Wallace - Natural High/Mandarin (Polydor UK 1970) cb VG+ 75
"I get stoned on the Sun, The Moon and the Stars in the Sky" Mike spreads a Hippy vibe on this obscure 45.Comped on Mixed Up Minds 5.
West Coast Consortium - Some Other Someday/ Looking Back (Pye UK 67) cb VG++ 25 NEW!!!
Wonderful sunshine pop 2 sider with mellotron meanderings all through. A few superficial marks, plays EX, name on A side label.
Who - The Last Time/Under My Thumb (Track UK 67) EX- 30 NEW!!!
Recorded in support of Mick and Keef who were held in prison on drugs charges.This is the three prong copy.
John Williams - She's That Kind Of Woman/My Ways Are Set (Columbia UK 67) cb VG+ 25
Dodgy lyrics made sure this was not played on the radio.Has some noise at the beginning but plays well.Comped on Piccadilly Sunshine 16 & Separate Paths Together.
John Williams - Flowers In Your Hair/Can't Find Time For Anything New (Columbia UK 67) cb VG+ 40
Hippy Folk quality two-sider.Comped on Come Join My Orchestra, Fading Yellow & Piccadilly Sunshine 16.
Barry Window - I Thank You/End Of Our Road (BAF UK 69) VG+ 35
Great two-sided Soul covers.Comped on Neurotic Reactions 2.

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